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XP Answer To Minelab??????

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Argernomic? Not a word in any language.

And who would trust XP to waterproof your phone? They going to replace it when it drowns? Look at their current waterproof solution... I regret buying that POS accessory. A glorified Ziplock baggie to protect an $800 dollar controller. Trust them with your new $1K Apple?

Wireless underwater... think they worked that out without a wire antenna? I doubt that.

I'm not the worlds spelling bee champion, but multiple spelling errors smacks as totally amateur and not professional ad copy. Mobile capitalized in mid-sentence, control with 2 lower case letter l's, and then carbonix...wtf material is that non-word? Honeycomb texture arm cup on a water unit? The French ought to be engineering speed boat hulls. I'm sure they'll win every competition with that sweet looking low drag design.

Colors all wrong. Company logo errors...never!

But for me, the nail in the coffin is the font is atypical of XP marketing literature and style. I can identify both fonts with enough comparison and time, but off hand, this one has poor/almost zero kerning (the space between letters), and compare the lowercase a and e... not the same! There's no way this font is XP's standard font used across all their official marketing material I've ever seen. And it's certainly not as slick as typical XP graphic design. I pay attention to this crap.

So, perhaps I'm wrong, but I call this - bullshit to stir the pot.  :biggrin:

To the creator...

Go back to graphic design 101. Do not pass Go.

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DT good to hear someone calling it, me I`m all for the smartphone as a RC and XP have a beta App that tries to "nearly" do that. But you gotta love that "low drag" shaft, cuts through water like butter, maybe the French will take up your suggestion and wrestle the Americas Cup off the Kiwis. Hmmmmm or maybe just some creative xter stirring the pot but then again ..................

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The MD-Hunter folks like to post totally fake mockups periodically to stir the rumor mill and attract links. It works.

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Did it happen to get posted on October 1?  That's the Anti-April-Fools Day.

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Comes out around the Sth Hemis winter solitice..........

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    • By Nuke em
      Anyone out there know any information on this machine ? It supposed to be being tested and could be really interesting when released .
      May be able to discriminate Iron out .
      You Tube this .  AQUAMANTA A1 TESTS HARDELOT . All in capitals . 
      It is compared to the Sovereign and CTX , the Aqua is the last one tested . Unfortunately LIKE the Equinox most of the time before release , its in a foreign language .
    • By wanderer
      Maybe this is a dumb question  wit regard to PI machines  why is that one machine will excel at small nuggets but can't do so well on bigger nuggets.,  Doesn't make sense to me.  It would seem logical that iit can find small stuff  big stuff should be easy?
    • By Ridge Runner
      The ads came from mags dating back to 66. I can say I remember them all. Just maybe you remember some if not all.

    • By phrunt
      Has anyone had any experience with these things? 

      Electromagnetic and magnetic interferences could be extremely annoying when you are looking for that hard to find gold nugget. Most of the noise is picked up by the search coil but a significant level of noise is being picked up as well by the sensitive electronics inside the control box.
      The control box is made of aluminium therefore the magnetic field easily penetrates it.
      To prove that, approach a magnet to the right side of your detector when switched on. 
      Millions of less obvious noise signals are interfering with your detector.  
      We have developed this Shield from the best quality material primarily used in sensitive 
      medical and scientific electronics. After years of studying and testing different materials we have found this one ticks all the boxes. 
      I have revisited the places where I've previously cleaned up and found more gold after installing the shield.
      It is 0.35 mm thick, held firmly around your control box by the armrest and  the new improved version with dual layer shielding on the right side is only 175 g!
      We have tested it on the GPX 5000 with amazing results such as quieter threshold, better GB, resulting in slightly increased depth.
      The shield allows you to increase the Rx gain by a notch or two without compromising the threshold. Use Inverted Response when hunting for big deep nuggets. 
      I noticed it on Ebay today while I was looking for a cover for my GPX.
      I have noticed I've been able to quieten down my GPX by opening the control box up and scraping some paint away where the shielding touches the casing, on one end they had scraped away paint from one screw point during production, and the other end had no paint scraped away at all by the factory so it's sheilding was basically useless.  By scraping paint away from a few areas on each end of the detector I was able to give the GPX a bit of a noticable quieten down.  I am sure on later models Minelab would of scraped away more paint but as mine is a very early model made in Australia version this wasn't done.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      We just went through a few years on constant releases of new prospecting detectors. And now the flood has subsided, with almost nothing on the horizon.
      There is the “any moment now” Makro Gold Kruzer, running at 61 kHz and waterproof to 15 feet. After that however it gets pretty thin.
      First Texas has new detectors in the works, but nothing rumored that is aimed specifically at prospecting this year, but maybe later. Right now a PI beach detector appears to be up next. Garrett - maybe they are working on it but personally I have given up waiting on a lighter weight ATX. Tesoro - nothing going to happen there obviously.
      Minelab still “owes” us GPZ owners a smaller coil but with Equinox occupying all their efforts....?
      Nok/Mak outside of the Gold Kruzer has been working on a PI for years, but absolutely no hints on it getting any closer to market.
      XP I thought might bring a version of the low cost DPR 600 to first world markets but no sign of it happening.
      And White’s? Who knows. Maybe we will see a repackaged GMT but the shine has worn off of repackaged detectors these days.
      Long story short is it often takes new detectors to stir up activity on forums. For now at least the future is looking pretty quiet. The good news is we can just focus on using what we already have to best effect without being tempted or distracted by new shiny toys! 
    • By oldmancoyote1
      Hi Steve:
      Just re-read your "Steve's Guide to Threshold, Autotune..."  It helped a lot.  Thanks.  
      I do have a question though.  I understand V/SAT.  It's about how fast autotune re-adjusts the threshold after encountering some disturbance like a target.  However, I'm unclear on how that relates to Ground Balancing and Tracking.  It sounds like they are the same.  Would you please explain that?