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Kid’s These Days!

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For what it’s worth department years back I was covering control surfaces on the C 47 in the military. One time a guy came with two control surfaces he wanted redone and he said they came off a P 51 Mustang but never seen the plane.

When I had a upholstery business I redone the inside of a old cub this guy had . He would fly along the coast at Corpus Tx. and here people be swinging with a shark swinging just a short distance away. He told me it’s some big sharks out there and people didn’t know the danger they were in.


PS I’ve got a steel ball in my left shoulder because I crashed my gyro copter . I came to the conclusion it’s not the fall that kills you but that sudden stop.

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Beautiful planes! Flying a Super Cub will always be a highlight in my life. I wanted a J3 but it seemed they turned into collector items the moment it crossed my mind! :smile:

Kids these days are great. Sounds like nostalgia to me. Metal detecting always was an oddball thing for oddball people. My wife when we got married did not want to be seen near me when I was detecting..... until she saw I could actually really find gold with it. From 1972 to about 1990 I regularly was approached by people who had no idea what a metal detector was. I could go years between bumping into somebody else with a detector.

Now people detecting are seen all the time. I just got sent a picture of some kids detecting a beach in Florida out front of my friends place.

So I guess I am more with Jason on this (great post by the way) and agree the big hurdle is gold prospecting. Coins and jewelry renew to a degree and people can always go to a public place and make finds in short order. That is very important to either getting the bug or not. Nuggets do not replenish, and the basic fact is easily accessible decent ground is getting near impossible for novices to find. Nugget detecting requires top notch skills, not just in running a detector, but in research skills, so the bar is much higher in more than one way. It is extremely hard for a novice to get that first gold... most try a couple times, find nothing, and give it up. Making early finds is key to getting hooked for most people.

I don’t think detector price is so much a bar if you just want to find gold. I can find gold just fine with a VLF, thank you very much, but it is true if you want to get more serious about finding substantial amounts of gold (make money) the bar is much higher as far as detector costs. That’s not detecting though, that’s professional prospecting, and expecting professional gear at hobby prices is simply unrealistic.

Long story short I am sure there will always be a market for people who detect for fun, and it does not take much for a youngster to get excited. It’s the people who expect to make money or find lots of silver coins and top end relics and such that will fade away as detecting “is not worth it” any more to them. Droves of older prospectors are gone now because they can’t get that ounce a day any longer. I’ll swing a detector until I can’t, because finding stuff is secondary to my simply enjoying what I am doing.

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Very well said Steve. Couldn't agree more. I have to dash off to work, but your last sentence says it all as far as I am concerned.? I just love being out there. The gold is just the excuse.

Best of luck out there

JW ?

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Guest AussieDigs

I have no idea what the attraction is!

I take a beer out with me to consume as the sun sets to try and add some spark to end my day!






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I enjoy detecting because it takes me places I otherwise would not go...its the silence and solitude, the only noise is the rustling of grasses by sudden burst of quail  or other animals when you suddenly come up on them. I just think theirs way to much noise, be it people, politics plastered on television, and other stresses of life. Metal detecting/nugget hunting takes you away form it all. IMHO I think new blood (young folk) are awakening to the benefits of the outdoors, some choose other activities to do..but we all seek the same thing. Peace and perhaps some gold. I don't think the spirit of adventure has died with new generations..its growing.

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This may sound dumb, but me and some other folks I know became interested in finding gold by watching Gold Fever, not always the most serious show but it did expose us to gold hunting. Tom Massey taught many ways to find gold inexpensively with a bit of comedy sprinkled in. Even I had to shake my head once in a while but I will be forever grateful for being able to watch that show to spark my interest. Tom's father had a very good show, I think without shows like that, less folks are being exposed to our hobby. 

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      From back in May when i first found my little nugget patch.  Some of the smaller pieces of gold in this spot would ring up to the iron side, but since almost every target in this spot is gold, it shows you that on small gold the probability indicator should be ignored.  Some nice gold for only an hour or so spent detecting.  Will have more videos to come, im slowly working through my backlog.  
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