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I went for 16 gig as it was the largest available when I got my rhinos. I had no problems with storage and some of the areas I had on it was larger than a lot of USA states. So if you are doing your gold hunting area I see no problems, remember the maps can be stored on your PC with no limit.  

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Re (remember the maps can be stored on your PC with no limit.)  


I use a Magellan GPS if needed purely to get back to the vehicle after detecting

SWMBO uses a Bushnell D Tour Backtracker, if needed for return to vehicle.

I use Google earth and Australian Geology Travel Maps ie AGTM ( similar to Happy Prospector) along with other notes for WA 40E's  Research (have a copy of AGTM on my smartphone when detecting showing me the limits of my 40e on the lease.)


Can the Hi Res Birdseye Google maps downloaded to my laptop be accessed on the laptop for say 40E research  if I purchase say a low cost Garmin etrex10, that I may never use but documented as a condition of the Garmin purchase agreement?



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Not sure of your Question. All I did was copy the Birdseye map files from the PC to the SD card that I use in the GPS.

I use " .GPX" file format files on the PC and with the Free Garmin Basecamp program I could import and Export between the GPS & PC.

Peter have you seen my "Historical Gold Mines in Google Earth"   

 ..........LINK .......

The locations for all Aust Old GOLD Mines in many formats that can be used in most Map programs.

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Re (Not sure of your Question)

I can use Google earth on my Laptop to research potential 40E sites, Can I open and look at the Hi Res Birdseye Google Maps on my Laptop or can the Hi Rs maps only be viewed on a Garmin GPS after Transfer.  ie all I want is to  access/look and store Google Hi Rs Maps on my Laptop. ( 3 years ago reasonably close to a  mine my 40E using Google earth turned out to be a sandy swampy location. Mates suggested I could do better using a blindfold/pin )

Thanks for the Link... Have not come across it B4.

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Just save your google file of the 40E as a gpx file  in google earth and open it in basecamp and then import it to your GPS.


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On ‎10‎/‎27‎/‎2019 at 2:37 PM, garikfox said:

Right on Andyy, on your BirdsEye how much data (size in MB/GB) does the high res typically use?

I have no idea.  LOL  But I usually have about 6 large images kept on my GPS, before I start recycling them.  For me, the only thing I notice it affecting is my device startup time.  It takes about 20 seconds for all my maps to load.

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