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I have never worn out a cap in the roughly 3 years I have used this setup, but am sure it could be done depending on the type of ground and how and how much it is used, But they are cheap.

I have however lost a few, they don't just fall off by themselves it seems, usually it takes a hole or something that grabs it and I fail to notice it happened until too late to find it, lost I think 3.

Most often I do what may be called Extreme Detecting, on steep hills and trekking through heavy brush and between rocks, Etc.  So loosing things is not uncommon, the first was my mind long ago.!

I mount the magnet with as big a screw as will fit the counter sunk hole, a #10 if I recall, and long enough to go into the handle at least an inch, 1 1/2 or 2 is even better, a Deck Screw into wood or plastic works well, its a good idea to put a little polyurethane or other good glue on the magnet base and screw to keep it tight, I did have one come a little loose and I didn't pay attention thinking it had at least an inch worth of thread before coming off, BUT what I didn't think of is rough use of the loose magnet flexed the screw enough and the screw broke.!  Never happened since with glue.

Digger Magnet Setup.jpg

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It’s been a while of meaning to reply to this thread. I certainly don’t want to hijack it, rather follow up with the results of the good advice given here. Shortly before reading the above comments, I

Looking for tips on detecting tailing piles... I have the Equinox 800 and the Minelab 5000. and a lot of trashy tailing piles to detect !!!  🤠 _________________________________- BT

Paul I carry the 7000 on a bungee in my right hand and a 800 in my left hand for discrimination. And they both act as canes when I stagger on the loose boulders.  Discrimination works on the

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Hi Knomad re ( only 1/2 inch long magnets with the hole and plan on stacking them)

I can only get magnets with a hole around 1 inch by  1/4 thick in Oz ( Or 1 inch magnet without the mounting Hole)

Appreciate your source if possible, otherwise will look at stacking also. 



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I have been unable to locate the 1 inch by 1 inch magnets I originally used, no one seems to offer them now.

The 1 inch Diameter by 1/2 inch are available and I have some on order but have not tried them, they should work but I wonder about the pull force, so will compare the two when I can. Four 1/4 inch thick ones stacked should also work but untested as well.

I suspect several of the Websites are actually the same company based on their Website contents and layouts, the site I ordered the 1/2 in ones from was CMS Magnetics But they have slow shipping, was ordered on the 14th and may arrive tomorrow.

It's a Great more useful setup than putting a magnet on the head, Often use it before even digging to clear hot rocks and clean up signal, and if signal disappears often find small wire or tin on the cover, AND a signal may change to Non Ferrous once the hot rocks or black sand are out of target area.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting.! 


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I wrap my magnets with a good electrical tape, black sand any metal are easily removed using gloves, The tape after a while starts to wear out but is easily removed and replaced. Also helps protect the neo-magnets from breaking as they a fairly brittle. 

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