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Just joined and just got my first real metal detector today. I just got a Garrett Ace Apex and am excited to see what I can uncover with it. Looking for tips and tricks and any other helpful info. 


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Welcome, David!  You've come to the right place for "tips and tricks" plus a whole lot more.

How about telling us a bit more about yourself, such as what kind of detecting you are planning on doing (coins, relics, jewelry, natural gold,...?) and where (parks, schools, private permissions, freshwater or saltwater beaches, mountains, deserts,...?).

Edit/correction -- I missed seeing the 'Northern NJ) in the title.  Good detecting country, but keep your eyes open for that Devil (and I don't mean the hockey players).

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Hello again Dave,

Welcome to the forum! 👍👍

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Hi again!


At the moment I will probably explore mine and my friends yards, as well as some of the local playgrounds in search of dropped coins and possibly jewelry.  Once I get the hang of it perhaps look into getting permissions as well as possibly some beach hunting despite my hatred for sand. When the pandemic is over and it is safe to travel again I would love to be comfortable enough with the hobby to possibly hunt in Japan. 

I have bagged up a number of coin and jewelry samples to spread about and Bury in an attempt to learn to recognize different signals. Despite the divorce my wedding ring finally has found a use. 

My only find in my yard so far is this extremely valuable shaving lather can!



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Maybe someone filled it with gold and silver before burying??😳😲

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Samples are nice but actually digging a bit of trash is a better learning experience. Stuff put in clean ground can be very different in a trashy area. Just takes a bit of practice.

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Hate to say they this, David but NJ is NOT metal detector friendly at all. I hope you have lots of friends and get permissions, or get used to the sand at the shore. You can get a permit for a state park but you can't really legally recover anything. Every town I have been in says no because of destruction of public property and you get dirty looks from the parents in the wood chipped tot lots. And I was taking the trash and making sure the ground was as nice or better after I left.  It's okay to trash a park with litter and destruction to playground equipment though. Nobody seems to care about that. 

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Hi Dave welcome to DP!!!,

This is a great place to find and get a lot of info and inspiration. Sometime the weird trash is as exciting as the treasure. In the beginning digging all the targets is a useful way to learn the craft. It will also help to go slow and remember the sounds and ID numbers. Glad to have you here to share in the love of this hobby!!!!!

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