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' Secret ' Patch Has Turned Into Silver Mine..

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Keep it up and you'll be giving Simon/Phrunt a run for the roses.  (So please keep it up.  :laugh:)

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to ' Secret ' Patch Has Turned Into Silver Mine..

They all add up.  Silver is great to find these days.

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5 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

you'll be giving Simon/Phrunt a run for the roses

i don't think this little patch has a patch on Phrunt's cointopia.. but i'll give him a good run for his roses.. 🌹 🌹

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I've just noticed the small 'D' on the 1942 sixpence.. these Australian coins were minted in the USA.. Coins struck at the San Francisco mint (1942–1944) carry a small S below the coat of arms, while those from the Denver mint (1942–1943) have a small D in the same place.. 

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Mine come up cleaner 🙂

Well done Erik, thanks for keeping us updated on your spot.  I don't think I've found an Aussie silver sixpence yet.

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Erik, would you mind zipping one of the Aussie Sixpence coins under your Nox and letting me know the target ID please? I'm sure If I know the ID I will find one, they have to be here.  The ID's of all the Aussie silvers you find would be handy.  Thanks!

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Simon the reading should be good as Australian pre-decimal silver coins minted between 1910 and 1945 comprise 92.5% pure silver (sterling silver). Later dates contain 50% silver like most of NZ silver coin.

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8 hours ago, phrunt said:

The ID's of all the Aussie silvers you find would be handy

no worries..

queen Victoria shilling - 26/27

king George shilling - 27/28

queen Elizabeth shilling - 20/21

king George florin - 27/28

queen Elizabeth florin - 28/29

king George sixpence (1942) - 22/23/24

king George sixpence (1946) - 21/22

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Eric so size does matter 😀 Although they are Sterling silver (Not the Queen Elizabeth Coins) They seem to be in a tight range for each size coin. When I was discriminating targets I always lifted the coil to height that gave me a mild definite clear signal, it seemed to reduce the ground effect in hot or salt ground.

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    • By kac
      Hitting the area that has been picked through by just about everyone with a detector and managed to find a v-nickel nicely hidden with a chunk of iron bar about 7" down. Got a fairly short signal in one direction and long iron signal in another, the short had a spot on nickel ID but thought it might have been a piece of aluminum. As you notice in my mix of trash there is a bunch of small aluminum. You can blame Chase for that as it forces me to look for gold $1 coins in the area :( Bunch of memorial nickels were in one hole with a penny about 4" away from a can on the surface. The brass bits look like its from a hurricane lamp? Found a few of those in the area.
      Anyways the Gold Racer does really well in trashy areas and surprisingly has descent depth for such a small coil. Finding that I needed to drop the iSat down to 3 from default 6 as the ground didn't vary too much and the gb would drift too much. Ground averaged 40's-mid 60's which is mild for most the area.

    • By Chase Goldman
      Did some relic hunting today with the intention of comparing some detectors (Deus, Tarsacci) but the Deus was on fire and besides keeping me from running a detector comparison test it also made it more difficult for me to proclaim 2020 a complete and total dumpster fire, but there is still another month to go....
      Anyway, about a hour into the hunt, with the Deus connected to the 11" X35 coil and set at 12 khz with pitch tones and reactivity at about 2.5, I had found some keeper lead and brass.

      Then I happened upon a strong, 45- 47 signal.  Thought it was likely can slaw but I was digging any repeatable non-ferrous signal.  My handheld pinpointer indicated it was not deep, and I used my digger to come at it from a safe angle, just in case, and low and behold, out popped my first ever gold coin find - 1849 Open Wreath $1 Gold Piece.  It was surreal.  My digging partner thought I was kidding, but there it sat glimmering in daylight.  Sent a text over to prove it since we were appropriately social distancing (something that comes naturally with this hobby).  What a great initiation into the GC club.

      Needless to say, I kept swinging the Deus for the rest of the day except for a brief half-hearted attempted to see if I could get the Tarsacci going, but save for one so-so brass target, it was a Deus day.  I swapped to my 9" round HF coil after the Tarsacci run and finshed up strong with some button, buckle, and bullet finds.  One of my best detector single day outings ever in terms of both quantity and quality of relic finds.  Only missing silver on this trip, but not complaining.  Hopefully, this was a just a preview of what might be in store for 2021, as 2020 has been pretty much a lost year for many of us as far as detecting and other life pursuits go.  The Tarsacci/Deus bake off will just have to wait for another day.  Stay safe out there and happy hunting.

    • By Rick73
      I have been detecting for over 40 years and the last two days gave up two bucket listers. I have been hunting a farm field  for the last 6 years that at one time was a picnic grove. The grove was cut down about 100 years ago and has been tilled ever since. Yesterday I hit the Morgan dollar. It gave a whisper 39 40 and negative -9 numbers. I about gave up on it thinking a large iron item very deep. This was at no less than 12 inches. I run Park 1 will full sensitivity, five tones, no discrimination, speed 4, little or no iron bias. And then today the Seated Half with my Deus.  I use the deep program and just doctor it up a bit. In my 11th window I run x-y 12kHz, in my 12th window horseshoe at 8kHz. I was running the x-y pattern when I received the very weak signal. The x-y line was broken so I switched to my 12th  window. 93-95 with never a left hand horseshoe. Only right hand. This was about 8 inches down. The field is freshly combined and then shallow disked. We had a drought here this year so the ground is like concrete. The Equinox 800 and the Deus complement each other well. About all I have left on my bucket list is a gold coin. Still hopeing.

    • By calabash digger
      Hit a new spot for about 30 minutes and these showed up...

    • By Rivers rat
      Hello to all,
      Sunday and Monday i hit the coast in search of long lost treasure,still with my mate Fred and his nox and big coil Sunday night not much a copper ring for him,and a deep old copper penny for me.On Monday we hit another beach as we are still testing in real condition Nox Vs MDT.
      I was using my work in progress sand trolley(golf trolley which i will mod) a scoop and a spade were mounted on it.
      4.30 hours didn't bring much luck to both of us my tally for the day was 0.70 pence 😆😆😆😆.We were leaving and really pushing hard to get something good when i had a whisper signal ALL POSITIVE numbers ,after god knows how many spadeful came out this beast of a coin,the largest and heaviest coin i ever found and.......on a beach!!!!!
      It is a 5 kopecks from Catherine the Great Empress of Russia .
      Fred say i won the trophy find of the day very very unusual find on the beach,by the way my 50cal cases story is going around and they are now very very scarce on that spot and 3 in a row is a record finds in more than a decade......
      So far the MDT is growing on me my nox may need to go soon...
      Have a nice week

    • By Hunterjunk
      A short window of luck has given me another gold coin . Eleven days ago while on an organized field day with many prospectors i came across an old miners camp site . Being a relic focused detectorist i worked the site hard . The other coins from the site point to occupation between 1870 - 1890 so finding a 1798 gold Spade Guinea created quite a stir ! Minting of this coin stopped in 1799 . In 1798 my state was not populated by the English and was only just being found to be a separate land mass from mainland Australia . I still get a smile on my face when i think of finding this coin ! 
      25mm diameter , 8.4 grams . Solid 18 on the Nox in ground [5 inches] and out .

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