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Why Do Aftermarket Coil Mfg's Treat The Gold Kruzer Like An Ugly Step-child?

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What is wrong with the Gold Kruzer?   

Why doesn't NEL or CORS or Magic or Detech make any coils for the Gold Kruzer?    

They make full lineups of coils of for the Gold Racer, but not a one for the Gold Kruzer.   

You can't say its because of the water proof connector, as they make coils for the Kruzer and Anfibio.

You can't say its because of the frequency as they make coils for the Gold Racer and the Gold Kruzer is basically a waterproof Gold Racer.

So what gives?  Why do the aftermarket coil mfg's treat the Gold Kruzer like an ugly step-child?   




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I always wondered that too. Nel coils would be nice. I would be happy to have a couple. I'm stuck with the 4x7.5 and 5x9.5 coils. I like concentric coils but don't care for the one that came with it. Nokta/Makro how about 7" and 9" concentric coils for the Gold Kruzer like the other Kruzer"s have. The Gold Kruzer is more than a gold nugget detector. It's great for jewelry hunting on land/water and relic hunting.

I wish the Gold Racer was waterproof. I would move to that one for the coils.

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Hi Rick,

I followed the progression of the AU Gold Finder to the Gold Racer to the Gold Kruzer.   I specifically picked the Gold Kruzer for the 3 tone Micro mode.  Every time I use a two tone mode I always wish it had a third tone for high conductors so I could ignore those responses.  

Its terrific to finally get a 3 tone high frequency model with tone break but it really sucks that for some reason the coil makers have decided its a piece of junk they won't waste time on.   It makes me not want to buy any of their coils for my other machines.


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There are few aftermarket coils made for gold detectors. Notice there are none for the GB2, GM24K, Equinox, or the older Whites Goldmaster series, though there were a very few for the GM's back in the day. These are all VLF's. The Pi's are a whole 'nuther story.


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On 11/25/2020 at 5:27 AM, phrunt said:

I was about ready to pull the trigger on the Gold Kruzer a few months ago and just expected it to have Nel coils, when I saw it doesn't I backed off, my plan was the Kruzer with a snake coil, I wanted a waterproof high frequency VLF for my summer creek detecting and I needed a coil like the snake for the task.   I was very annoyed when I found that wasn't going to work out as they only make Gold Racer coils.   Seems weird to me as the Kruzer you'd think would be the better seller, they're both about the same price in NZ.

There is pretty much no difference in shape between the Snake and the stock supplied coil. 

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One of 2 reasons I went with the Gold Racer over the Gold Kruzer was 1: 56khz plays better with EMI here was afraid 61khz would freak out near power lines etc. 2: coil choices, no 3rd party coils for the GK.

Maybe it has to do with something internal on the coils for that model that is very proprietary?

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I have had no trouble with my Gold Kruzer running at 61kHz even in my basement or backyard. I don't crank up the sensitivity in either place but I don't even bother turning some detectors on anywhere near my house = Multi Kruzer and plenty of others.

Simon, Nenad is telling you the truth. The 4"X7.5" stock DD coil that comes with the Gold Kruzer is a really hot coil. So is the 9"X5" DD accessory coil. In your mild dirt, the big elliptical concentric that comes stock would do really well. 

I am a big fan of the Gold Racer and Gold Kruzer. I just have to say that Micro, Fast and Boost modes on the Gold Kruzer along with waterproofing and some of the extra features take it to a hole different level. I have also had zero problems with coil knock when using the Gold Kruzer. I constantly had coil knock problems with the Gold Racer coils even running the sensitivity at moderate levels.

Bigger aftermarket coils would be great for the Gold Kruzer when using it in mild to moderate ground. 

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I have no knock issues with the Gold Racer. For land hunting it is a fantastic machine and the coil options are pretty vast. If a coil is knock sensitive then it is probably faulty or damaged, I have had that with a coil shipped to me where it wasn't packed sufficiently.

That is good to know about the 61khz though. EMI here is brutal.

I am able to run my GR at max gain and only occasionally turn it down if I pick up too much ground chatter from realy small iron bits but that is rare. Pretty much flat out here and no waver or flutter in threshold.

I think bang for the buck and doing just land hunting the GR is a solid choice for all metal hunting.

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When I got the Super Fly for my Multi Kruzer the dealer double checked compatibility with the regular Kruzer and all the Nel coils for the regular Kruzer work on the Multi.

I don't believe they would work on a Gold Kruzer but if you know someone that has a coil you could try to plug one in and test?

If your not dunking the machine the GR is really nice and super simple to use. I like the arm cuff better on the GR better, has better balance and the trigger for ground balancing and pp is nice. Another plus is it uses regular AA's that i tossed some my lithiums in giving me an easy 30+ hours run time.

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