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I read on another forum this morning where DeepTech had posted that they are changing the current 5 Pin coil connector to a 6 Pin design. Evidently to facilitate better alignment and prevent damaging the connection. Was hoping to see it also posted here. Are they a member?

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"IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all dealers and VISTA X users !
Starting in JANUARY all NEW VISTA X metal detectors will be supplied to you with 6-pin connectors instead of the ones used so far 5-pin connectors.
ALL USERS who already own VIsta X or these who will order in the future, if and when decide to purchase additional search coils, must inform us or the dealer with what connector is his Vista X and will receive coil with the same connector. Or to give the serial number of the unit.
I have to explain our decision. There are no problems with 5-pin connectors. This is categorical.
But some users try force socket before line up correctly and this break cables inside the cable connector.

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