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well done i like it. Can i get one 38" w/D handle?

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Looks good, but thinking your hand digger handle design would be great. If it is as tough as the hand digger I'm in !!!

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Handle options should be available since I don't mass produce them, just have to find a source for the d handles.

Either I or buddy will be testing this one soon, weather pending as were going to get some snow. I'm sure there will be some revisions. Had almost a dozen versions of my hand digger before I settled on the design.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Light Weight Foot Digger In The Works

Little update.

Took the digger out for a test run, hit local woods and though I didn't find anything the digger worked incredibly well. The blade tracks straight and does not side kick on ya when hitting small roots making it very easy to control. Hight for me is just about perfect. Foot peg is comfortable but will adjust.

Takes 3 easy steps to make a nice plug.

Handle I chose the grip tends to slip a little so will glue it though others are asking for different handle types. The fiberglass rod does flex a little but doesn't seem to be an issue. Granted I was digging in semi frozen ground. Blade is super sturdy. last thing is I will adjust the foot peg/bracket so it is slightly wider and meets the depth of the back of the blade. Possibly weld on some cleats. My foot didn't slip at all but couple cleats will give ya bit of grip.

One my local detecting buddies will put it through it's paces when he heads out but of course were getting hit with snow :(

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   Great next step Kac,

   Looks sturdy! A little flex in the shaft is not a bad thing! It can be further stiffened with a dowel insert, or something! I've done that on my patio umbrellas aluminum shafts,(with an electrical pvc insert) that tend to fold in a heavy wind! Now the umbrella will break, before the shaft does!

   It would also be cool if you could etch or sandblast your logo onto the blade!

   BTW, i love the hand digger! Works great! But i prefer a 36"- 38" type digger, because i can lean on it as i stand up from digging! The knees aren't what they used to be! Keep up the good work!! Looking forward to the finished product!👍👍

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Very fine looking workmanship!

Admiring the constuction of the digger head.

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Thanks. I am looking into carbon shafts, might have to hit up Steve G for those as he has one for the sand scoops. Bit of flex isn't bad so long as it isn't flexing at the connection where the steel could crack the fiberglass. I thought of making plugs but that just pushes the possible fracture point up further. Another way create a slit ferrule on the metal then wrap over but again the shaft if it flexes may just be further up but would be gradule.

I am really happy with the stout spade point, worked well scooping out the hole without getting down on the ground. So blade is a keeper, foot peg/brace needs some tweaking, need to settle on shaft which will determine handle styles available.

I hear ya on using it to get up. My knees are junk and hip not so good. Sucks getting old eh?

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On 1/25/2021 at 6:08 PM, kac said:

First proto, I will be testing. 4 1/4" x 10" blade, 40" overall. 2.15 lbs. Integrated foot peg so it doesn't hang up, couple root cutters to reduce side kick.





I think you have an innovative design.  I’m the type of person who looks at something (like a tool or shovel) and tries to formulate all the “what ifs” in my mind.  For the past year I’ve been using a root slayer nomad model.  Three things I really like about this shovel:  

1) the inverted tip.  It catches small roots and cuts them rather than deflecting off to one side or the other.
2) the size of the blade.  I wouldn’t want it any wider at the top and the length is sufficient for most targets.  However I wouldn’t mind if it was 10 or even 11 inches long.  Btw, when new I’m pretty sure it was 9” or slightly more, but has worn down to under 9” with all the digging I’ve done with it.  
3) the price was only $40. I know it’s mass produced in China, but it’s held up well.  I would expect a hand produced shovel made by a forum member would be at least twice as much.  
Looking at your design here’s what I see both pros and cons. 
1) I really like your tip design.  The center point will pierce the soil, but the inverted sections on either side of the point will catch and cut roots. 
2) I like the size of the blade and especially the fact that the sides are parallel and don’t taper from top to bottom.  I think this will help to dig and extract a more intact plug.  
3) the foot peg design is nice in that if needed to go deeper it won’t catch on the edge of the hole. Maybe you could enlarge the footpad area by circling it around the front of the blade. 
4) This is a con.  I think you need to make the ferrule that the handle fits in to extend at least a few inches higher and maybe even 6 or 8 higher than the top of the blade. I’m also curious as to why the handle and blade aren’t one continuous piece of steel.  Is it the weight factor?  

All in all I think you have a great design on your hands especially if you can figure out a sturdy handle solution.  
Attached are pics of the nomad shovel. 




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