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Does This Photo Show The Future Of Detecting

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21 hours ago, jasong said:

This picture just gave me an idea. If I get rich and famous I'm going to make a few 12 gauge shells full of solid gold pellets and go reseed the goldfields like some sort of modern Johnny Appleseed. 

During the early goldrush days here in Victoria (1850's), there were several contemporary accounts of diggers using small gold as replacement for lead shot in their blackpowder percussion pistols. At Fryerstown, Newstead and Taradale, Ive found loose pellet sized gold in topsoil over several square meter areas a few times, seemingly proving this story. Im sure other detectorists have done the same.

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   You basically covered everything I could have said, on the last two pages!!👍 

  To me, it comes down to personal value! The most remembered, and valued items I've found, usually don't have much, if any dollar value!!

   "You can't take it with you"🤔  Well let me rephrase that by saying; a few detectors and finds will  fit in a coffin with you⚰, if you choose to go that route!! But you better be sure to put that in writing for the relatives!!🤣

   Also, just to add a little 🤏 "positive spin" on catastrophic events that will always plague the world; there is "always something" to find!! Even if its "just" personal belongings to be returned to recent disaster victims!

   As a relatively "benign" example, I suspect that the recent rare, and heavy rain/flooding around the Las Vegas area, will stir up/expose some nuggets, and other finds!👍👍 

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On 8/13/2022 at 9:32 AM, geof_junk said:

This is from ....prospectingaustralia.... 



That’s not a bad ratio.
Here in WA they should sell detectors as a package deal with a 12 gauge and reloader 😊

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On 8/13/2022 at 12:57 AM, phrunt said:

If my pellet to gold ratio was anywhere near that persons I'd be happy!

I don't think detecting has much of a future at all, gold almost gone, old coins nearly gone, new coins not being used anymore as everyone pays electronically, jewellery more often than not these days is cheap costume junk as people don't value it like they used to.

What are we going to be detecting for when only the junk will be left.

Simon is trying to save it all for himself.  Don't fall for his 'bad' attitude!

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