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Question For The 0z Blokes

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6 hours ago, dsb said:

http://www.hesperianpress.com/  Didn't see that book but type gold or mining in the search box and plenty more show up.

Fairly sure it was a single print run in 1979 and not reprinted since. Although you can print off your own via the net now.

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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I'm just grateful to have found some large specks! 

 Had a giggle about that, explains why many specks sold on ebay are into the OZ States that refers to smaller than 20oz as a speck, poor unfortunate buggers have to import specks.🤪

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So I guess this means that a detector which can find a speck in Australia is really not that great of a detector for use elsewhere? 🤔.        😉

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