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Any Areas In/around Wickenburg Az?

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Hello all,

I am in Wickenburg AZ, visiting family for Christmas. Id like to get out of the house for a few hrs and detect. Never detected for gold before but i figure it would be fun to give it a go. I use an equinox 800. Anyhow, I dont want to end up tresspassing on someones land or claim. So anyone know of some good spots open to the public?

thanks in advance

  beyond the FLOT

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Vulture Mine out west of town, Little and Big Sandy (San Domingo) but they've been pounded for years.... go out to Vulture, lots of cool areas to play and history of huge nuggets. Head out of town to the west and turn left at the Safeway...... if you have an RV, there is lots of BLM camping out there near the Vulture Mine Placers.



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21 minutes ago, beyond the FLOT said:

Wow, sound great. Thanks for the info!

You're welcome... if you have time, shoot out east on 74 to 17 and go north to Black Canyon City for lunch (best pies for 100 miles - https://rockspringscafe.com/) then a bit further north to Bumble Bee area, very cool area. Sadly lots of .223 brass and shotgun trash as it's so close to Phoenix but still a neat place.

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Many interesting areas nearby with BLM land as Jen suggests BUT, many, many mining claims in those areas.  You would need to know how to determine where those claims were located before detecting.  Hate to be a kill joy but it just isn't something that can be done without a bit of research.  However, good places for a little tour.


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Wickenburg is like the Winnemucca of Arizona - close your eyes, spin 360 degrees around, and you are likely to find gold in almost any direction if you know where to look.

Prospecting 101 for Arizona is Maureen Johnson's book. Definitely read through the relevant counties to start.  

1.) Pick a nearby area to explore from the book.

2.) Research claims and land ownership on My Land Matters

3.) Pack your gear and go explore, keep an eye out for new claim posts that aren't on the map yet.

4.) Profit?

Good luck, but fair warning it's hard to start detecting for gold on your own. But you are right where I first started alone too, so you are in the right place for it. Try to meet someone already successful at nugget hunting if you can, it woulda shaved years off my learning curve if I did. That's the best advice I could give someone starting out. 

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