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To work there with all that different forms of mining equipment around me this is what Heaven has got to look like.

 Thanks Steve so much for the show of so much great equipment in one place.


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Super impressive, Steve! I am kind of glad that it's not close to where I live. I would be there every day and spend all my money...! One of those stores where you walk in and think about whatever you see: oh yes I really really need that!


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I have to ask.

When I was working in Alaska, I'm guessing in the early to mid '80s, I picked up a T-Shirt from a mining supply store in Anchorage that had in large letters "SUCK ROCKS" and in smaller letters "with a Keene Gold Dredge". My wife coveted that shirt and it went with her when we parted. I missed that shirt (I guess more than the ex) and went over to the Keene Engineering store in in LA to see about getting another one. Their answer, was Nope, only available in Alaska.

Any chance that was your store? Would love to get another.


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That's incredible.  A monster shop of goodies.  

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