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Steve Herschbach

White's V3i And Vx3 Factory Master Reset

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1 hour ago, EL NINO77 said:

Master Reset will work, even on a classic V3 it is not a problem to do it this way ...:wink:

Thank you very much for your speedy effort, EL NINO77.👍

And this is for the whole forum, too. Thank you so much for this 5-Star forum, Steve.

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    • By coogeedan
      Hi, Dan from U.K.  I have been using a V3i since November last year and enjoy it immensely.  However, today I had an issue with the machine flashing random numbers and beeping even when held at shoulder height.  This continued when I tried single frequency modes and when I changed to a different coil  Also in different locations.   Has anyone experienced this problem?
    • By locator
      Hi Jeff. Did you have some testing time with your new Spectra? How do you like the SpectraSound WHP? I do like them a lot since I use them.

    • By havingstl
      This is just a fun comparison because there is no way  I'm going to buy another detector at this point but near me I see a good looking used DFX for the price of $250.  That is so similar in price to the Simplex that I am interested in which would be considered the superior detector or at least how they stack up.  From what I know they are both considered coin and relic detectors, the DFX is multi-frequency, and the Simplex is considered to have many of the newest features at a low price point.
    • By locator
      The manual says something different than the detector will show.
    • By Jeff McClendon
      I have really been enjoying using the Whites DFX for the last month. Mine came with the stock 9.5" coil and I bought a used Detech 8X6" SEF for it too, all of which cost way less than half the original retail price. It won't get much depth in my area, but it is a very feature rich detector with a ton of information using all of the display functions and full tone ID. It almost IDs 4" low to mid conductor targets (don't laugh) with good numbers in the moderate to highly mineralized dirt in my area as well as the Equinox and Vanquish, although they will give correct numerical  IDs down to 8 to 10" targets easily. I love the full tone ID, Signagraph display and the excellent ergonomics of the DFX. I do not like the lack of depth and the feeling that I am walking over good targets mostly caused by the limitations put on the DFX with how it was engineered......Salt compensation is always on, underpowered single frequency operation, EMI susceptibility  and nebulous ground tracking.
      So, I started looking at Whites other multi frequency VLF: the Vision, VX3, V3 V3i series. Why have I never been interested in these detectors before??? There was a fully equipped, well taken care of V3i for sale in my area with multiple coils and other extras for about half or the original retail price plus  I knew the original owner who is now deceased. I picked it up for even less than the asking price. 
      When Steve says there has never been any detector like the V3i he is making a gross understatement. This detector is incredible. It is definitely not perfect. I may eventually not keep it and I may grow to dislike it BUT, what a fine detector. No denying that. If you have never owned/used one and you are even slightly interested, I would get one before they are really hard to find. Yes, it is a complicated, highly detailed jumble of possible combination of settings, but for the most part I think I can handle them eventually.
      I probably would not use it for prospecting or for iron trash infested sites but for everything else it would be like driving a well made luxury car that actually performs as well as its luxury price tag. It is a bit heavier than the DFX but it has even more features, adjustability, and power than the DFX. In my area, the V3i handles EMI as well or better than my DFX.
      I actually dug a 6" nickel yesterday in pretty bad dirt with the V3i. That is not a big deal except that the DFX (which I had with me too) totally missed it in modified coin and jewelry mode (I mean silence over the target) and the V3i with similar settings and the same Detech coil hit on the target AND identified it well enough that I knew it was probably a nickel before I dug it. Up until now, only simultaneous multi frequency detectors made in Australia/Malaysia can do that in my area.
    • By RobNC
      Looking at Uber expensive detectors. As we all know White's is on the way out and the V3i will not be available long. This may be the last chance to get hands on a factory new unit. In light of that it has crossed my mind to get one as a historical investment. Now with all that out of the way, we know it is heavy and that it loves batteries but can use Ni-MH batteries in the pack. Weight, nothing we can do about that. My mind is more about the longevity of the V3i, is it a very durable detector?  I know all about the multitude of settings, and that is one thing that draws me to it. A Tinkerer's dream, more like a computer than a detector. Bottom line, is it worth the price?
      XP Deus. Had an ORX a while and loved the weight and ease of use. Hated the wireless headphones and they dug into my ear but I tell ya when it is hot weather that would sure be better on you. The ORX was somewhat crippled compared in settings, only giving 3 tone audio. It also had higher frequencies than the X35 coils do. The model I am looking at is the one with WS4 headphones and 9" round X35 coil.
      Between those 2, which is worth the bucks??
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