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Whites Spectra V3i Ground Test

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Hi EL NINO77… thankyou very much for producing this excellent video that illustrates your multi-frequency metal detector’s responses to a wide variety of targets in your test garden. I found it particularly interesting because I’ve always enjoyed using White’s coin hunters, although I’ve no firsthand experience with the White’s V3i. 

I won’t discuss the pros and cons of test gardens other than to mention to you that obtaining stable, correct target ID on deeper targets, say beyond four or five inches (depending on target size and shape) in my highly iron-mineralized magnetic susceptible test bed is not possible. Thus I recognize the potential value of your multi-frequency pinpoint bar graph to assist with target signal analysis. That feature strikes me as a quite valuable tool to help with the decision of whether “to dig or not to dig” depending on just what type of targets one wishes to recover from a site.

I do think that relative side-by-side test plot depth comparisons are viable, despite that we realize that those depths may or not reflect depths obtained in real world scenarios where targets naturally settle into undisturbed ground. In natural undisturbed ground, the electrical continuity of the soil and the naturally occurring magnetic susceptible iron mineral fraction of the soil remain intact. These conditions should provide a depth advantage over disturbed test plots generally. I mention this because my ten-year-old disturbed ground test plot targets still do not generate depths or target ID reliability that can be had on similar undisturbed ground targets recovered in this same area.

The foregoing comments are not intended as a criticism but rather are just some observations from my test plot and general area. I do think test plots are a valuable aid to learn more about one’s detector within the constraints as described above. And incidentally, our observations from disturbed ground test plots can be directly applied to detecting other real world scenarios where the ground is disturbed, for example urban renewal projects. We learn not to trust target ID on penny-to-quarter size targets beyond shallow depths in such conditions.

Thanks again for the effort required for you to produce this instructive video. It takes a lot of work just to get to the point of producing a coherent video. I found the video easy to listen to because there was no background wind noise, and your voice came across pleasantly clear and your thoughts were perfectly understandable at all times. We look forward to the next one!!! :cool:



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Thank you for commenting, and an outstanding look at the work of the 3F multi-frequency  Whites Spectra - Nailed....First of all, to say that the test video does not come from me-is from scannerguy1968... but it shows the work Whites Spectra V3i on targets in the terrain, using 3F signal analysis on the targets - which I also use - 3f pinpoint,3f spectragraf and 3f signagraf - especially in the weak, or mixed signals - which do not provide a stable ID, but in the audio signal they give partial tones to non-ferrous metals....in this case the use of Spectragraf shows the prevalence of the signal on non-ferrous metal, so I dig it ...

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