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California Flooding?

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Fresh snow on the road fron Wednesday night storm in peaceful little town of Sierra City, gonna need the it's cold outside!


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Scott that is sensational looking…surfs up!

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    • By idahogold
      Latest News!  Cheers,Ig
      2Days Ago:
    • By idahogold
      Oroville dam Update! At 18:40 he shows ya his "goldpan"!  Cheers,Ig
    • By Reno Chris
      I keep reading stuff printed in papers or on other media that is perhaps at best on the verge of sort of true. They are getting desperate for readers / viewers and seem to want to say dang near anything for eyeballs. I heard some funny stories at the GPAA show of folks trying to sneak into the construction area below the Oroville dam spillway - convinced there will be gobs of gold all around because they saw it on TV or in a newspaper. Here are a few recent story lines:
      "Gold hunters in the area tell the Chico Enterprise-Record the floods have "rearranged the rivers" and "move things around." That means gold veins that have been hidden for 200 years are suddenly exposed."
      "According to CBS San Francisco, the floods also swept gold out of abandoned mines and washed it downriver. "
      "While KCRA reports that gold can simply be picked off the ground following major flooding, the best prospecting will come in the summer months when the water has receded."
      C'mon gents! We need to head off to those hills if the gold can now just be picked up off the ground. No doubt gravels have been moved around, gold deposited into crevices and new paystreaks formed. But gold veins hidden since before the 49ers arrived now revealed? I'd guess there are not many. Gold washed out of abandoned mines? I'd guess not much. Gold can just be picked up off the ground? I am sure there are a few new sunbakers sitting around here and there, but not many. I do agree that the best prospecting will come in the summer months when the water levels go down and some good gold will be found, but the media is gone bonkers about saying anything to attract attention.
    • By tboykin
      LOL @Digger Bob making the most out of a big dam problem ---
    • By Reno Chris
      A comparatively minor storm has just passed through, and although we are not at flood stage anywhere, all the rivers are rolling along at a fast clip with every little drainage flowing - even stuff that almost never has water. Small streams that are normally just a trickle are already full of water. Any good sized storm could bring another round of serious flooding because everything is pretty much full already. The ground has no capacity to absorb any more water.  The storm coming in late Sunday through Tuesday looks to be a fairly powerful and wet one. Been watching it on the weather forecast and every round of modeling seems like they are upping the amount of rain and the impact it will have. The forecast I look at is currently calling for over 2 inches in Reno and around 5 inches in Quincy.
      Caltrans is warning the Northern Sierra counties:  "there will be heavy rain and high snow levels resulting in increased likelihood of flooding of rivers and streams."