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Steve Herschbach

Minelab And Customer Communications

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Geotech    130

A little late on the topic...

On 5/10/2017 at 1:49 PM, Steve Herschbach said:

There is this however. How many of you know engineers? Have you spent a lot of time talking to engineers? They are not really famous for communication skills. They might think they are communicating, but they are speaking a different language. Their brains are often wired differently than "regular folks". Yeah, it is a cliche, but cliches are often based on a certain reality.

I've known and worked with a whole lot of engineers. The cliches are largely true, and Dilbert paints a fairly accurate picture of the engineering mind. When I tell people that I'm an engineer, I often see that sad look in their eyes that says, "Oh, bless your heart." My partner had that look when I first told her; now she says, "Ya know, for an engineer, you're pretty self-aware."

On 5/11/2017 at 0:18 PM, Rick Kempf said:

 My colleague smiled and said "I understand it's not rocket science – I am a rocket scientist - and I don't understand it"

Right out of college I worked at NASA-KSC. Only for 5 months, but ever since then my resume says "Rocket Scientist -- NASA" as a joke. Another engineer got annoyed at my joke because he thought I was trying to be a braggart. He didn't get it. Engineers often don't.

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Andyy    93

Well I was kind of hoping this thread would be about suggestions for Minelab improvements.  Instead I get to hear what people really think about engineers.. ha..ha..  I myself am a mechanical engineer and yes I have to look myself in the mirror each day.  LOL.  Much of what has been said is true, unfortunately.  Engineers have an insatiable appetite for learning but in general, are very poor at communicating on the most basic level.   But I can still laugh at myself about it and hope that I am outside of the standard histogram ... errrr... (see I just can't hold back)...

But it is my engineering background which drew me into metal detecting and studying geology in hopes of finding more gold.   Like engineering, there is always more to learn.  For me, this hobby is perfect for working off a little steam, making me put down my calculator and getting me out of the cubicle as much as possible.  And in the process I get to speak with a lot of bright people on this forum and make some pretty good friendships in the process.   Priceless.   (well at least until they find out i am an engineer)  ;)

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Steve Herschbach    7,843

Well Andyy for what it is worth I revere engineers as the magician/gods of our civilization. I toured Cape Canaveral and the sum brilliance of what engineers working together can do is jaw-dropping awe inspiring. Anyone that ever gets the chance needs to go see the products of our space program up close and personal.

Plus my wife was a Project Management Engineer and my daughter has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. I'm laughing with you not at you! I am a computer nerd that somehow ended up in sales and marketing...


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phoenix    486

I think Kelly Bundy would make a good engineer, or may be a professor.   This is out of one of the episodes 

"I'll set you up with this scientist I know at the university.  All you do, pretend you're a professor.
Okay, but, I mean, I think I'd make a more convincing Ginger or Mary Ann don't you think? 
You must be the new professor.
  You must be Gilligan.
Kelly Bundy at your service.
So Bud tells me you're in aerospace.
Yeah, well it's not rocket science, but what is? Right.
So what are you working on now?
 Well, I just received a grant from the Crayola company to invent a new colour.    Bleen.
Bleen? Is that a mixture of blue and green? 
No, of blood and spleen. You know, it's for the kids who wanna draw accidents.  
Yeah. Really? You would think that Crayola would have enough colours already.
Well, not anymore.  See, they had to get rid of black and white you know, to be politically correct. They were gonna mix the two together and call it blite but the guy who invented grey back in '74 threatened to sue, so All right.
So, what's your field? 
- Alchogorentology.
- Oh, right. What's alchorathincology?
 It's a study of that age- old question:  How much booze can a rat drink before he explodes?"


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jasong    678

I said I would report back here if I received a new detector from Nokta - they have sent me a new Fors Core directly instead of going through Kellyco after my issues there, which I received today. Haven't had a chance to open it up and test it out yet, but that was good to see.

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Norvic    1,194

Top news Jasong, a Co can`t give any better service then that, seems the weak link was that middle one. Also a big cheer to Steve and this forum.

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fredmason    1,027

Good for Nokta for delivering!

Good for you for following through with words and action!

all is well...all is well


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FschJg    12

Here is my experience with ML and communication. I c&p it from another forum where I posted this:

So I was in the market for a GPX 5000 and a CTX 3030 since they offer a 15% discount for service members. I am stationed with the US Air Force on a base in Germany. I contacted a dealer in the US to order the machines. The dealer wrote me back that he could not sell to me since I am not in the US. He actually said he contacted ML and they told him so. I explained to him that I am on orders and even submitted a copy of my mil. ID card. Still no chance to get the machines. So I went ahead and bought both machines in Europe for a pretty penny PLUS 19% tax.

A little later I contacted the US dealer again to buy some accessories for both machines, only to find out that he was also not able to sell me any accessories for the same reason. I got so mad and contacted ML USA direct to complain. I wrote them not only don't I get the 15% discount, I actually have to pay a much higher price since they won't allow me to buy stateside.

Two days later ML answered that they do allow sales to military members overseas! They asked for the dealers name to inform him about this too. Great for future sales but bad for me. I just send a s*** load of money on a GPX 5000, a CTX 3030, the CTX17, ProSwing45 and some more ML accessories. Lesson learned.

Bad communicatiin between ML and the dealer cost me a pretty penny. I actually bought two GPX since the wife wanted one as well. The second one was a trade in. I found another dealer, River Team Six Detectors, he took three of my machines and offered me a GPX 5000 for them. So at least I did not loose much on  the second deal. Still frustrating because I could have spend the money I lost on coils. This experience made me buy Detech coils instead of ML coils, because I was just not willing to throw more money at ML

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  • Similar Content

    • By GB_Amateur
      Although this post has some relevance to the threads of excitement regarding the just announced Minelab Equinox (wonder what Chevy thinks about that name...), it really isn't directly on topic so I started a new thread instead.  You'll see the relevance in my final comments, after the 'facts'.
      Just back from Colorado and I mentioned in another thread that part of my trip was attending two events by Denver's Eureka Treasure Hunters Club (http://www.eurekathc.org/):  The monthly (2nd Friday evening) club meeting and the annual Coinhuna -- free(!) hunt for members only.  I slid through a loophole(?) to get to participate in the latter.
      There were 50-60 attendees of the club meeting and a similar number for the hunt, and most were overlap = same people.  Being a detector zealot (thanks at least in part to some posters here who will remain anonymous), I spent some time walking around prior to the hunt to see what detectors people were using.  I was surprised at the results of this informal survey, but maybe you won't be.  NOTE:  I did not do a scientific tally, so the numbers aren't 100% accurate, but they aren't that far off.  I do know detector brands, although models (especially older ones) not so much.  Here is my view and recollection.  I'm assuming ~60 detectors were viewed (some brought more than one):
      White's (mostly TRX, IDX, DFX) -- 35.
      Garrett (AT Pro, Ace [various], AT Max, AT gold, older green models whose names I didn't catch/recognize) -- 15.
      First Texas (F75, T2, Gold Bug Pro -- that was me!) -- 4.
      Tesoro (Lobo Super Track, other I didn't recognize) -- 2.
      XP (Deus) -- 2.
      Minelab, Nokta, Makro, Bounty Hunter -- 0!
      Ok, what's up with this? First off, it was a competition hunt.  But I only saw 9 of the long skinny rectangular coils, 8 White's Bigfeet and one Tesoro cleansweep.  That still leaves a whopping 26 White's detectors with tyical general use coils.  While in the Denver area I also went by Gold-N-Detectors (in Golden, catch the play on letters?).  Now we may be getting somewhere.  They have pretty much all of White's current models on display along with several Garretts and about four Tesoros.  The only FTP I saw was a Teknetix T2 black.  Didn't notice any other brands.  They sell detectors at full retail with, AFAIK, no negotiating.  So I'm sure not everyone at the club has bought their detectors at that outlet.  However, there is a strong influence, and if you see one you like at the store you can just go online and get a discount.
      There is also a 'mentoring' effect.  For example, a person shows up at the club meeting wanting to get into the hobby and is influenced by what detector to get based upon the possessions of the experienced club members.
      Does country loyalty also play a part?  I think it does; just read some comments you see here occasionally.  But that's not the whole story.  Why only 4 First Texas detectors in the lot?  Last I looked Los Banos and El Paso are still on this side of the wall.  (oops, might get in trouble for that comment...)
      There are quite a few things that make the detectorprospector.com site unique compared to (or at least quite different from) other sites:  1) international participation; 2) dominated by gold prospectors; 3) more sophisticated(?) when it comes to understanding and using detectors; 4) more oriented towards the professional end of the spectrum than the hobby/weekender other extreme.  Most if not all of these give Minelab (and probably Nokta/Makro) a bigger audience/following.
      Even if the Equinox is the best thing since sliced bread (and it might be; I'm not taking sides), I don't think it's going to put the other guys out of business.  In fact, I doubt it's going to knock Garrett off the back cover of just about every treasure hunting magazine (and that includes ICMJ).  There are more things that go into market share than the performance of the product, although it certainly is a big factor.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      From https://www.whiteselectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/2017_5.pdf, page 3....
      Rumors have been swirling about what machine White’s will release next. Some speculate that it could be a 12kHz “MX Maxxx” sold with a $200 higher price tag. Others imagine White’s going back to its roots, releasing an old-school BFO machine that weighs 8 lbs and runs on 4 C-cell batteries.
      Inside sources seem to point to some kind of mid-priced, high-performance detector aimed at customers who need a deep-seeking machine at an affordable price point. Only time will tell."

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Don't think I've seen this posted yet.
      06 Sep 2017
      Minelab Americas relocates to Naperville, IL.
      Minelab Americas has moved to a new office space in Naperville, Illinois commencing Friday 1 September, 2017.  
      The new office has premier facilities including sales, marketing and operations areas, warehouse and a brand new showroom displaying Minelab's extensive range of metal detectors.
      The new address is:
      123 Ambassador Drive, Suite 123
      Naperville, IL  60540

      Our Minelab Americas phone number remains the same: 1-630-401-8150
    • By Norvic
      Note the comment about what is coming out later this year.
    • By Mark Gillespie
    • By Steve Herschbach

      White's Electronics just started their fall "Garage Sale" with a number of what I think are some incredible deals. As an ex-dealer I should know! The main one that caught my eye is the White's GMT package, new with full warranty, for less than normal dealer cost.
      White's GMT Reg $799.95
      6" Concentric Coil Reg $149.95
      Digging Tool Reg $39.95
      Backpack Reg $99.95
      Total Full Price $1089.80 On Sale for $450 TOO LATE, SOLD OUT!
      I cannot see how anybody with even a thought of getting a GMT can get a better deal than this! If you check the Garage Sale link above you will also see the White's V3i at about 1/3 off plus other great deals.