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What Can You Learn When Nothing Is On The Beach

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On 11/21/2017 at 1:28 PM, mn90403 said:

I went out a couple of nights ago and I got lucky.  I found a $1 coin.  That brought my grand total to around $3 for the 3 miles that I walked on Prime Santa Monica beaches.

Go find a Spanish coin Swamp.


Beach detecting has been 'orrible ever since Matthew sanded everyplace in.. Considering the amount of erosion Irma did I'm believing there should be much new-old stuff just waiting for a coil to be passed over top.. Problem is being able to get to that line due to the high ongoing on-shore breakers.. The good news would be they've prevented everyone from working that zone for any length of time.. So I'm betting (hoping?) most of what got pulled and churned to there is still there.. Hopefully we'll be able to find out soon, but it won't be today or the following couple either.. Surf's running 3' - 4' at the moment..

( https://www.surfguru.com/ Under central florida, click 3rd down -- Cocoa Beach Pier.. This cam will place you in the center 1/5 th of what I consider my "beach detecting home location," and includes good views both N & S.. ) When I lived beachside it was about 5 blocks N & W of The Pier.. Today, and for the past 24 years, I live a bit over 20 miles W & N of The Pier, with that stretch still being my closest beach access point.. Just a real-time view is all -- what I check these days to see if I want to head that-a-way since I no longer live beachside..


PS: Would love to find a reale or escudo.. Need to head further S to the Treasure Coast for a shot at 'em..

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In SoCal when I'm having a pulltab kind of day I usually move in the direction of the swell or try another beach.

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