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55 minutes ago, Derek said:

Shop guys won't give me a straight answer as they are more interested in getting my money.

Do you have other shops?  If so I'd move on.  If not I'd buy on the internet.

I'd say the chances of Tesoro returning are so low that you'd be way better off buying a lottery ticket.  I say that because of their recent (6+ months) of silence.  They did make good detectors but their ship (unfortunately) has sailed.  Still lots of players to choose from.  This forum is a great source of info on all detectors still being sold. 


If you have trouble sorting all that out, which is understandable, there are a lot of people here willing to help out.  The market is loaded with good detectors so it's not an easy choice, but also hard to go wrong.  Still, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing".  Fortunately there is a lot of knowledge here.

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Derek, I have a tesoro detector and always liked it, but I would not recommend one. They basically haven't changed at all in 10+ years but they also didn't lower their prices.  They are basically old technology for new prices. If you found a used one in good shape at used prices, or a shop clearanced them out at 70% off then maybe, but even then repairs are a big mystery right now.

I think your better off with an equinox or other new cutting edge detector.

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2 hours ago, Derek said:

Hi guys.  I'm a retired Scot over in Australia and about to buy my first detector.  Very few detector shops here and only 1 who stocks Tesoro within a 100kms radius.  Can anyone tell me for definite if Tesoro has gone bust before I part with my pension?  Shop guys won't give me a straight answer as they are more interested in getting my money.  Thanks in advance.

Where in Australia are you Derek? There are plenty of good detector shops there and I would imagine all of them would post your detector to you.

Even at Anaconda the big outdoor camping chain store there they sell detectors, the Equinox 600 is on a decent special at the moment and they most certainly post.


they do $9.99 shipping too.

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Your detector prices are 15% less than we can get them in the US. It seems like you guys get screwed on almost everything else,  so that's nice.

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Depends where or what you are going to use it for.  If you are looking for a Compadre or Mojave for park/playground gold jewelry hunting then by all means get one!  Beyond that I’d say it’s up to personal preference.  Any Tesoro, even a 20+ year old model is still capable of finding treasures despite what anyone tells you about the necessity of multi-tones and visualID numbers.   Just depends on what you prefer.  They appear to be going under as a business but no one really knows for sure.  Odds are that a new machine from a dealer will give you years of trouble free use but there is always a chance of needing repairs.  

P.S.     if the dealer you speak of has any new Compadres in stock please message me their contact information so I can buy another spare for the closet!!!

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Doors are closed and Vince is doing work on warranties. Employees have left. So no lifetime warranty. With that said I just bought two off eBay. A Compadre that was new in box and a Mojave used but in great condition.

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They are gone...

Yes it was too bad, once Jack Gifford was out of the picture the business slowly crumbled. The last time i stopped there was after i found a rare one of a kind Celtic 1/4 Stater with a Tejon. The son was there and they could have cared less.. My Tesoros went away after that, too many other great units that were constantly improving...

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      The Dankowski forum has been having display issues for some time now. That was bad enough, but now they apparently did not renew the domain name in time. The site is offline and last I tried I got redirected to some virus scamming site. Hopefully Tom did not lose the domain name entirely. Anyway, be careful going there right now. I’m not even posting a link due to what happened to me.
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      Here.  https://tarsacci.com/

      Tarsacci MDT-8000 metal detector
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      Happy New Year!
      It has been a couple years of furious activity in a normally slow moving industry. We are in a Golden Age of detector hardware, with intense competition driving prices lower while fostering innovative new designs. Most of the action has been from manufacturers outside the U.S. - will 2019 be the year U.S. manufacturers strike back?
      It will be interesting but rumors are thin on the ground right now. New models appearing are niche models, like the new XP ORX, aimed at the gold prospectors. A new manufacturer has appeared, Tarsacci, with the new MDT 8000 that initially anyway seems to be aimed at beach hunters.
      The machine I most have my eye on is the upcoming Fisher Impulse AQ. I am satisfied with what VLF technology exists now, so all I need is a PI detector at least as powerful as a Garrett ATX in a housing weighing under 5 lbs. I sold my ATX and currently do not have a PI and am waiting on what Fisher has to show before deciding what to do about that. F75 replacement? I will believe it when I see it but the Aqua Manta is all but assured for 2019.
      I lobbied Garrett for years to make a LTX (Lightweight ATX) but to no avail. However, with the new AT Max just out it does make me wonder what Garrett has up their sleeve for 2019. If not a replacement for the embarrassingly long in the tooth GTI 2500 than perhaps my wished for lightweight ATX? A guy can hope but I am not holding my breath. Garrett has pushed single frequency as far as they can so their next step will be revealing.
      Minelab is still consolidating the Equinox rollout and a raft full of new gold machines in the last few years. They seem well set at the moment. I wish I could get a SDC 2300 in a Eureka Gold box but that is one wish I doubt will be granted.
      Nokta/Makro? They have long been known to be working on a PI detector so maybe the new Fisher Impulse AQ will have a competitor? It is almost 100% that Nokta/Makro will release a true multifrequency detector in 2019 so there will be that to look for. That and the soon to be released Nokta/Makro Simplex, a new low cost multipurpose detector.
      Tarsacci MDT 8000? I will let the beach and relic hunters sort that out.
      Tesoro is gone now so we can officially ignore them without feeling guilty about it.
      White's I will continue to hope beyond hope that a working version of the Half Sine Technology may finally appear. Fingers crossed as always, but the odds are low. One does get the sense that White's really does need to hit a home run however so the pressure is on to get it out the door. This could short circuit other developments above were it to actually happen. I’m not holding my breath however.
      XP just started shipping the new X35 coils and ORX model, so 2019 may be a quiet one for them.
      And with that, best wishes for a great 2019 to one and all!!

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Rick Kempf passed this to me and it does not look like good news. It is being reported most of the people at Tesoro have been laid off.
      Tesoro was not a real old company, since it was founded in 1980, actually making it the newest of the major U.S. manufacturers. Still, the company made its mark with lightweight, high performance detectors. Tesoro was also noted for many years for its exceptional support of the independent metal detector dealer. However, that policy changed after founder Jack Gifford passed away in 2015 and the company seems to have been on cruise control ever since.
      There are probably not too many people surprised by this, but if true it marks a sad day in metal detecting history.

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      Nokta Anfibio Multi Waterproof Metal Detector
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      White's Electronics is having their fall Garage Sale that features some deep discounts on select products. There is one deal in particular that nugget hunters may want to be aware of.
      The White's Sierra Gold Trac was a Jimmy Sierra limited edition product not carried by regular White's dealers. They were only sold by a few west coast dealers and White's themselves never really promoted the machine. That makes them a rare item, and with Jimmy now having left the scene it looks like White's wants to liquidate the remaining units.
      I only bring this all up because the SGT is basically a stripped down White's GMT with only two control knobs - on/off/gain and threshold. That's it. the detector runs at 48 khz and is locked full time into ground tracking mode. There is no discrimination. Just a hot on tiny gold all metal detector. Nothing to get too excited about normally but at $289 brand new with a 2 year warranty this might make a decent inexpensive nugget detector for somebody. Sale discontinued, now $399
      I will have to do up a product page on these for historical purposes since there is so little information on them.
      White’s Sierra Gold Trac (SGT) Data & User Reviews
      On Sale at White's Website
      Review by Mike Hillis

      White's Electronics Sierra Gold Trac Metal Detector
      All Metal Operation: Hear all metal targets.
      Auto Trac: Iron mineral interference from soil and rocks is tuned out automatically.
      Only Two Controls; Gain & Threshold: Threshold adjusts the background hum. The Gain control adjusts for maximum sensitivity in your conditions.
      48 kHz Frequency.
      Waterproof 6x10" inch Elliptical DD Search coil.
      Slide-In 12 Volt AA Battery Holder: 25-40 hours of hunting. (varies depending if you're using headphones or the external speaker)
      Approximately 3.5 lbs with batteries: The SGT is light weight and well balanced for all-day hunting.
      Can be used with any Goldmaster Series (48 kHz - 50 kHz) Search Coils.
      Optional Accessories (Sold Separately): NiCad Rechargeable Battery System
      Two Year Transferable Warranty
      MSRP 599.95 normally discounted to $499.95.
      White's Sierra Gold Trac Owner's Guide
      White’s Sierra Gold Trac (SGT) Data & User Reviews
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