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Equinox 6" Coil Connector Repair?

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Rather than cutting and splicing on a new connector end of the cable to a cable, it may be better to add on a new connecter.  These have screw terminals for the wires.  You may want to tin the wires or use ferrules so the wires hold well in the screw terminal.  Fill the shell with grease or epoxy to ensure waterproof operation. Think I have some in the shop.  Could sell you one for $15 shipped.




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UPDATE:    Minelab just replied to my coil repair inquiry.   "Unfortunately there is no repair for your damaged coil. They (the repair techs) are unable to perform a  repair or replacement of the coil plug connector."   

Sooo...    your on your own if you damage the connector, which in my opinion is too easy to do.   I was actually worried about doing just that when i first bought the EQ. 

  Ill update as soon as I get around to performing the fix with the new connector. 

If anyone has more tips/tricks or product recommendations to use for this fix please post them. 

In the mean time here is the last batch of EQ600 nugglets (before the accident) that were found by my competition.....I mean girlfriend,  and I :biggrin:



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Doing good on the Gold!
 If they can’t repair a connector , how do they Fix anything else?
just to keep from a similar problem, how did that happen?
did you slam a door on it, I did that once or twice back when I was young and in Too big of a hurry!


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 Thanks Fred, funny enough I just bought  a nice padded case for the back of the truck to carry the detector(S) in..to protect them!  I think it was just the bouncing around on the back roads that did it....

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