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For regular beach usage, I agree.  I use Mixed mode.  It gives me more information than Disc.

However, for trashy parks or yards, I've had some success with Disc mode, and it's less tiring to listen to.


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Overall the tones on the MDT are the number one thing I would change if I could. I have high frequency hearing loss, and the exceptionally high tones chosen don’t work well for my ear. The lowest Tarsacci tone is like most detector medium tones, the medium is very high, and the high is almost supersonic. Pick the right headphones and it’s fine, but for me I’d lower the tones across the board to better match my hearing if I could.

If White’s is at one end of the spectrum with the loud boombox sound, the MDT is at the other far extreme, with tones more reminiscent of a spoon tapping a glass.

Anyway, if it is an issue try as many different headphones as you can. The differences can be quite dramatic.

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If I'm not in excessive trash I like the Mixed Mode. In trash the disc mode works way better for me. I don't mind the tone in disc mode but it does take some getting used to. To make it easier on the ears, since the iron bong is so dominant, you can run the disc at 0 so you only have to hear the mid and high tone.

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I agree Denny, Mix mode is the mode to use. 

At the beginning, first month or so tried Disc mode.  Found good results in areas with a lot of iron, but the disc audio I just couldn’t get used to it. Later, after learning the MDT language in Mix mode never went back to disc mode. 

Disc mode doesn’t give user enough information, Has delayed signal and audio modulation is terrible.  Found myself double triple checking signals,  not enough information and not as deep.

Mix mode is the better mode, hands down user’s need to get the MDT language down then they’ll see the advantages with using mix mode.

HH, Paul


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the tones was the first thing i suggest to Tom to change.   They are SOLID... but a little to quick and i dont like the modulation.  I rarely hunt in anything by AM.......if i cant see the screen then i may switch to disc just to see what ive got.  But a lot of times i can tell round or something unusual .... even if its iron.   Constantly testing weak iron targets..... havent gotten a piece of gold doing that yet.   I do like the way the digital reads iron.  It helps a lot in AM having disc at -30 when i flip over as well ..... keep a lot of it from wrapping around.  In AM you can tell large from small targets...... but the volume of those targets are more like running a high gain machine where all targets sound louder.

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Yes I found using mixed mode becomes very noisy in iron compared to disc mode.   I don’t like to switch modes when trying to master one.   But I will use disc/salt mode if I have to.    

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We get a very strong tone..... but the information is somewhat missing.  What i mean from that is with tones on machines like the Xcal the tone is long enough that we get a very distinct roundness from say a ring..... especially a gold ring.   I only use disc mode when i cant see the screen in the water.  Its can be a little challenging hitting that small button....... especially in the winter if you wear gloves.... not once but twice to go back to AM.  Disc modes tone are a lot more modulated.  Any one thats used say an Explorer SE can tell you there is a difference in modulation from using 10........ to use 6 gain.   I use AM ...... simply to find a target.... which is easier.  In disc those POPs i get from minerals turn into weak pings or pongs.  So its much simpler to locate a target THEN switch to Disc if you have to.  To me those 4 tones are pretty distinguishable.   I run the machine HOT just like my Xcal in PP mode....... so you know what you get when you switch there to disc with full sensitivity.

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