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The Nox does have great id and easier setup. Both the Nox and Legend are hot on small jewelry. The Legend in Gold field is what to use for small jewelry.

I like having them both. On land I'm using the Nox and in the water the Legend.

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I have both, I’ve had the legend for a few months and love it.  But I’m having some issues with it so I have to send her in to get get fixed.

I just bought the equinox 800.

the equinox vdi is better than the legend.  The legend is better with emi than the Nox.

I think the legend is better in water except it gets caught in the speaker case sometimes and you gotta shake it out than it’s okay, but has better shaft than the nox in my opinion.

legend pro pack is under $800 that gives you the headphones and 6 inch coil.

the Nox really smacks the coins, the legend is good too.

I bought the legend because I didn’t want to spend over $800 and it’s worth every penny, and they’re always updating their software.

I’ve only had the Nox for two days but they both have strong and weak points I guess it depends on what you’re hunting and where and how much $$$$ are you willing to spend.  I knew I’d eventually have both.  They both great, very easy to customize and operate to your needs.

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Update on the legend, it was user failure to take the coil plate cover off and clean the coil.  I did that, and it’s working perfectly now, had nothing to do with the machine.  

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