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What's The Biggest Piece Of Gold From Nevada Found With A Metal Detector?

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Thanks, Gerry, for this report.  It is a good one.

The 'report' I was really asking about was the one about the 'history' of Rye Patch.  That would be one that would include large nuggets found there and an estimate of total gold that might have been found there since metal detectors were used.  This was the one you said you would ask your trainers about and maybe even reference Sonny Baird and even could be expanded to the Eugenes!

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13 hours ago, geof_junk said:

Seeing all of mine are from AUSTRALIA and your monitor is not large enough to fit it on, I will refrain for breaking the rules and not post my larges. 😜  By the way all of those USA nugget look great beside the one being eaten so next time Gerry shave before taking the photo. 😁 

I love seeing pics of true monsters.

Shavings????  Yea if the pic needs to go into the magazines or video, I should rid the whiskers.

I'll be sure to keep a little booger in my nose for ya..., but at least I'll shave.

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9 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

I have not been there since the last training session in June.  A few of my customers have found some gold with their GPZ-7000's and even more with the GPX-6000's, as expected.  

The Field Training with my Staff in Nov should be interesting.  Hopefully the customers are able to find a few nuggets during the training and the variety of detectors in the class will get to hear the targets before we dig.  Comparing their different detector brands and models is quite informative knowledge.  Realize the results are only good for this area/kind of soil/nugget size/nugget density.  If we change locations to a different region/environment, then the results will vary.

Expecting to have some 6000's, 7000's, Axioms and hopefully but doubtful...a couple Manticore.  I seriously doubt the Manticore to not be out until 2023 though - from past experience of NOX release rollout. 

These days... gold we find at Rye Patch "proper" during the training is pretty much the smaller ones like in the pic below.




Happy customers using variety of detectors/coil sizes.  Looks like Terry might be in that group?  Boy that was a while back.




Listening to an iffy...  Be sure to do a "ground balance" off to the side before chasing those iffy sounds.  Mike (hat with a hook) came all the way from Maine.




Here is a gift that arrived in the mail (Next Day Air) from Maine.


These crawdads are golden.


I love that Mike took the big rubber bands off the lobsters' claws so you would have a great surprise when you opened them up!! LOL

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Thanks for posting more gold pictures they looked nice.

Looks like some big scorpions, be careful  when you try to put them in a pot.

Just kidding, grandmother was from Maine and her dad did some fishing for lobsters.


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If Gerry’s mouth could get any larger, I’m sure we’d be seeing the next record sized nugget! 🤭

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