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Quieting The Impulse AQ On Wet Beach Swings?

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22 hours ago, bklein said:

Felix no longer works there-I know some of you liked working with him.

Sorry to hear that. Felix was there for a very long time, lots of institutional knowledge gone now.

Interesting also they are still selling the Impulse AQ Ltd, instead of the new improved version that was supposed to release by December 2021. They have not sold that batch of 100 parts yet, after well over a year in the market. So will they shift to the newer version once they run out of parts for the Limited, or just let it die?

Yes, First Texas owns Fisher. And Teknetics. And Bounty Hunter. And a night vision company, etc. So if you want Fisher service, call Fisher.



If You Need to Send a Unit in for Repairs 
You MUST CALL FIRST to Get a Return Authorization Number (RA Number) 

Phone: 1-800-685-5050

Please Have the Following Information Ready:

1. Serial Number From Unit
2. Model (Such as Gold Bug, CZ-20, etc…)
3. Your Name
4. Return Address
5. Phone Number
6. Problem with the Unit

Make sure you package the unit correctly; we do not cover freight damages.

Once You Have the Return Authorization Number Ship Your Unit to:

Fisher Labs
Attn: Repair Lab
(This is where the RA Number goes; it must be Visible on the Outside of the Box)
1120 Alza Drive
El Paso, TX. 79907

We recommend using FedEx or UPS for returns. 

*****Only use CERTIFIED MAIL WITH RETURN RECEIPT when using the United States Post Office and insuring the package is also recommended.*****

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From my experience, Ruby and Art are the RA/service contacts, Dan is tech in repair dept.  I’m still trying to talk with Art again to see if I have a warranty or not and if not what costs could be.  See new thread on delay switch concerns.

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I went back out this weekend, with a charged battery. I was able to greatly reduce the swing tone with ATS at 10. I don’t know if this is due to the battery voltage or the fact that the beach is now really sanded in so less black sand concentrations.  Didn’t find a thing.

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