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Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

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Steve - I get it, now.  You're saying the Equinox overall rides the edge as a hot detector so has a propensity to bump falsing depending on GB and gain settings.  As a global setting on Equinox, the gain was fixed when I was cycling through the modes and doing my "shake" false test so what I was seeing was the difference in local GB readings between the modes with the higher GB settings being most susceptible (makes sense when you think about it as you are trying to "punch through" the high ground phase reference to see targets so the machine gets sparky even though gain was not manually increased. It's more complicated than that, I know, but a crude attempt to conceptualize what is going on). 

Lowering sensitivity (gain), which I didn't do. could have compensated for bump falsing somewhat (with an obvious loss of target sensitivity), but it was the elevated GB setting that pushed it over the edge.  Again, the key is maximizing signal-to-noise ratio as much as possible, not just maximizing signal level (gain driven) which does nothing for you if you are also just increasing the noise floor.  So lowering sensitivity to get rid of even more noise, might make sense under the right circumstances.  Takes hours on the machine to get a feel for what works in this regard and what doesn't as operating a detector is constant balancing of a number of trade offs.

Thanks again for opening my eyes, Steve.  I'll figure it out eventually.

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Well, no experimentation needed to confirm. I happen to know for a fact that the ground balance setting on any detector that is riding the ragged edge will have an impact on coil knock/bump sensitivit

... it's 28mm , ..  I have a golden mask with these carbon shaft  ... such a set to adjust handle to shaft Golden Mask is for sale ...I already ordered one .. I write more about it .. when it comes ..

My Golden Mask Telescopic rod and conversion kit came in today. I got to work on it to move everything over. While I waited for this I also had picked up the 6 inch coil for this setup. I didn't like

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... it's 28mm , ..  I have a golden mask with these carbon shaft  ... such a set to adjust handle to shaft Golden Mask is for sale ...I already ordered one .. I write more about it .. when it comes ..


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So, and the telescopic carbon shaft is home. The  Equinox is 57 cm long  for comparison,the weight is 1224 grams of 6 "coil..

September 7 iphone 5S 2018 005_DxO.jpg

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On 9/25/2018 at 9:32 AM, Gatev said:

Hi friends,yes Lovecpokladu are made on 3d print tools for golden mask shaft.I give you link,if someone want to order . 


Hi. I already have an Equinox 800 and a golden mask rod. I have been pondering a good way to connect the two. Can I purchase only the printed adapter?

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Yes you can, the price is about 15 Euros....

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I will call there and ask ...

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    • By F350Platinum
      Got a package from @steveg today,  I am proud to be the first to buy one of his "Woodland Camo" shafts and a counterweight setup. Version 2 of my Equinox was a DetectEd Redbelly shaft and cuff:
      The Redbelly is great, I've used it everywhere.  Light, locks up nicely. I have no problem with it. 
      Steve posted his new selection and I just had to have one. It's a bit more rigid than the DetectEd shaft, possibly because of the Realtree wrap. It might be a bit heavier but I haven't noticed it. The heavy clear coat makes it really shiny. I also bought the 7" counterweight with enough bags for a 15" coil, it's black carbon fiber but looks good.  Right now I don't need it but it's good to have it if I do.
      Here's the new setup:

      I'm keeping the DetectEd cuff as it has no guide pin so I can put it wherever I want. I have a neoprene cushion on it. 

      Also managed to snag a Detecting Innovations sticker to match.  Perfect! 😎 Thanks to Steve for this awesome high quality offering. 
      "There are many like it but this one is mine". 🇺🇸
    • By mn90403
      I have an 800 that I use at the beach.  Sometimes it drops and this causes the plastic stand to break.  I glue it but it has happened about 3 times and soon I won't be able to glue it.
      It is time to get a new cuff/stand.  I'm really not interested in new shafts but ...
      I use the 15" more than any coil if that makes a difference.
    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Hopefully this Fix will allow me non-delayed hunting. Not beautiful,... but functions. 
      Took out the bottom pin on the shaft leaving the top, seems to be the weak link area. Cut a 5.5 inch (14cm) piece of 25 x 23mm Carbon fiber, slid it over the weak area with about a 2mm space between the shaft and the carbon fiber..... Cut slots on both sides so the CF tube goes all the way to the bottom. Sealed the bottom of the CF tube, and poured a 2 part 24 hour dry epoxy into the void. Let that dry for a few hours then started pouring the epoxy down the top of the shaft to fill the hollow area in the lower clevis insert. I'm sure i added some weight with all of the epoxy added but maybe a good thing. Hope to find out this week, planning my first (real hunt) Thursday with the AQ since my accident in Jan..., 
      Interesting, I am sure the slow dry epoxy filled in the area where I took the lower pin out. I had filled the void and did not give it much time to dry when I started to fill the main shaft with epoxy.. I soon noticed it was forcing out the epoxy in the void so I stopped and gave it enough time to firm up, then continue. I'm not sure where the inter was leaking thru to the outer. Unless it was coming out the pin holes where I pulled both earlier. I never pulled the clevis joint to see if it was solid, but it is now.


    • By palzynski
      The Apex balance/weight is very good but as I thought it could still be improved , I decided to update it a little bit ... 🙂
      My modifs :
      1)  polymer lower shaft replaced by an home made carbon shaft :       30g saved
      2) aluminium mid shaft replaced by an home made carbon shaft :       40g saved 
      3) rubber handle replaced by a lighter foam handle :                             30g saved
      4) armrest replaced by a lighter and wider ML Vanquish armrest         50g saved
      note : I have kept the original aluminium S shaped upper shaft , just the lower and mid shafts have been replaced by carbon shafts
      Total : 150g saved 
      After these modifs my Apex/Ripper only weights 960g /2.1 lbs  👍!  
      ( vs 1110g/ 2.4lbs for the original Apex/Ripper ) 
      I spent a little time doing this but it was worth the effort  ,  very few detectors weigh under 1kg , and now my Apex balance is almost the same as a Deus/Orx and it is very fun to use in the field ... 🙂

    • By Airtemisa
      Hi, does anyone tried this config for diving with the Nox?
      Is just the original stem only with the lower part of the rod. Is a little bit long, but I think it should work! 

    • By NCtoad
      I have one of the first runs of the equinox.  Got on a wait list with a dealer and got mine in April or May of 2018 (please correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I think I’ve had my nox for 3 years now).  I had a slight case of the shaft wobble issue and ended up getting an Anderson carbon fiber upper and lower rods.  When Steve first came out with his rods I inquired about getting just the upper from him mostly for the cam lock, but also for the balance pod.  We sent some messages back and forth and realized that the Anderson lower rod was a slightly larger diameter and wasn’t compatible with Steve’s upper rod.  Since I had just shelled out $150 on the Anderson I decided I would make my own balance pod.  I had some 6/6 nylon rod and had this big piece of aluminum left over from another project.  You can see from the pic how it works.  The aluminum counter weight can be slid closer or farther from the fulcrum point (the equinox control box grip) to fine tune the balance.  I forget what the nylon rod and counter weight weighs, but even with the counter weight slid all the way to the end, it still doesn’t perfectly balance the 11” coil, however it’s nearly perfect for the 6” coil.  I wanted the overall weight of the detector as light as possible, but still help significantly with the balance.  I think I got it at a fairly sweet spot between balance and overall weight.  

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