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Minelab Equinox 15" Double-d Smart Coil Eta???

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Now that the six-inch coils have hit the streets has anyone heard of an ETA for the Minelab Equinox 15" Double-D Smart Coils? This is what I'm really looking forward to!


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I think I read somewhere that it looks like Oct/Nov. but can't back it up with any hard info.


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Also, be aware that it is a 15×12" DD elliptical coil, so it is not going to get much depth over the 11" DD round (the elliptical coil width is comparable to a round coil of equivalent diameter, in this case 12").  But you will get that additional 4" of sweep coverage.  Cheers.

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My guess is before the end of the year.

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    • By Deep1
      Just received Nox #3.
      The first two were bad out of box.
      The first thing I noticed about both of them, when I noise cancel, I had to press detect button 2 twice to return to detect screen at times.
      This didn't happen all the time, but often.
      I noise cancel and  press detect 1 time and hear beep, but screen remains in noise cancel until button is pressed again.
      If in NC and 1 press doesn't return to detect screen, I can NC and 1 press a few times and then the detect screen will return after a NC and 1 press.
      Pulled Nox #3 out of box, connected coil, turned it on, did NC, pressed detect button, screen froze, tried again, same thing 2 or 3 times.
      Turned off, turned on, same thing.
      Went to video the problem and it worked like it should 4 or 5 times, before a screen freeze.
      Does anybody have this issue?
      Do you have to press detect button 2 times to return to detect screen?
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      Is there anyone that for any reason still prefers the older version 1.5.0 software over the newer 1.7.5? If so, why? Just curious.
      Equinox - How To Check Version Or Rollback To Older Version
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      Some folks here may find this interesting, I certainly did!
      Testing my equinox 800 in my home test garden today, ground not high on mineralisation, but full of iron, old rusty nails etc.
      Had a silver UK sixpence 1930's buried only about 4/5 inches deep iron nails below and all around. (Difficult target)
      Imagine a clock face, I'm sweeping from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock , good 2 way tone, no problem, now sweeping from 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock, 1 way signal, one tone only sweeping from left to right (from 3 o'clock back to 9 o'clock)
      Here's the interesting discovery reference ground balance, on my test garden there's so much iron getting a true GB is impossible, when I do try to auto GB it jumps up to the high 90's! However most of my permissions here in the UK read a GB in the mid 40's to the mid 50's so generally that's where I leave my GB most of the time.
      Ok GB set at 50, one way target from 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock, sweeping from 3 back to 9 gives me a one way tone.
      Increasing the GB to 90 gave the opposite, still a one way tone, but in reverse ,now sweeping from 9 back to 3,, still a good 2 way tone sweeping from 12 to 6!
      Lowering the GB to 75, amazing, perfect 2 way tone, 3 to 9,, and 9 to 3.
      Just thought I would share this as I found the results very interesting!
      (GB set at 0 gave no tone whatsoever from 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock)
      Program used field 2 , 50 tones, multi, discrimination -9/+1, iron bias 1, stock 11" coil, sensitivity (tried 17/21 not a great deal of difference)
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      I have recently been using my Equinox 800 for saltwater hunting.  The obvious settings, Beach 2,  Iron off.  Since I am forced to a slower swing, I drop recovery speed to about 2-3 (4-5 on beach).   
      I am forced to drop the sensitivity to 15 or below.   I have noticed the waves will cause signals and dips in the sand too.   This has become frustrating as I use a CTX-3030 and do not get nearly the false signals.   Any suggestions to try?
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