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Ridge Runner

How Much Are You Willing To Pay For The Orx

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8 hours ago, Jeff McClendon said:

The XP Deus that I own, has a notch type ground balance system in Goldfield

You must have a different Deus software version because there is nothing in the V 5.2 Deus manual that says Gold Field uses a solely notch-based ground system or at least nothing different than what is used on the other non-gold field modes other than you can ground grab using the pinpoint button.  You can use the ground notch feature but you can also set ground notch to be off completely as well, just like the other modes.  But see also below.

8 hours ago, Jeff McClendon said:

I might consider looking closely at the ORX if it ground balances differently.

ORX uses only the ground grab method like Gold Field uses on the Deus.  However, on the Deus I have now confirmed that Tracking and Ground Notch will work while in Gold Field mode which is contrary to what I thought and posted a few posts back in this post.  Just wanted to set the record straight as I had promised to do.  Still some lingering questions about tracking and gold field, but it appears they do work together.

Jeff let me know if I got this wrong (re: notch-based ground system on gold field), but that is my take from reading both the users manual and Andy's book.  Thanks.

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thanks for trying to clarify the ground balance procedure when using the Goldfield program. 

I don't have an X35 coil yet and am still running version 4 software with my HF coil. Version 5.2 may use a different ground balance type than what I have. I based my statement on one of XPs videos with Gary B. about the Goldfield program on the Deus using the HF coils.




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19 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:

Steve Herschbach has anyone ever told you that you are full of bull !?

 Go write this on your bathroom wall that Chuck Anders said you could be .

 Where did you get 699 from?


I have been told that, yes! 😀

I put in my retailer hat, looked at what the competition offers at each price level for VLF gold nugget detectors and plugged in where I thought the Orx should fit based purely on the feature set. The chart I posted a couple pages back makes it an easy exercise.

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