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Steve Herschbach

XP Orx Top Tips For Digging Deep Targets

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With me the IRS always has their hand out. I can’t remember when I got something back.

 Guys years ago I hunted with a guy that couldn’t hear are talk but would watch that meter on his 66 TR and he done good.

 If he can do it I know I can.


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11 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:


A new video just was posted on the net yesterday showing the ORX being used for nugget hunting in Australia. What they were showing I’d say it was doing great.

 Seeing is believing but sometimes do you believe what you see .


I know it can find gold. People, the Deus coils and Orx coils ARE the detector. They are the same detector except for misc settings. What one will do the other will do as far as performance as long as the setup is identical. So much so that I feel like I have used this machine already - as far as I am concerned it’s just a repackage of a Deus HF coil, nothing more, nothing less.

Sure, it will find gold. In my opinion however most serious prospectors are already using machines that are as good or more powerful so not many prospectors are looking at the Orx or are even interested in it.

So just my opinion but it will end up as another coin and relic machine option with a few prospectors perhaps giving it a go. That’s not to say the machine is a failure. Far from it. I think it is going to sell just fine. Just not so much at the initial supposed target market.

I could of course be wrong and the Orx will take the prospecting world by storm. Check back in a year and we will see how that went.

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Like a friend said that his Doctor told him to come back in a Year . He said now I know I’m going to live another year. I ask why is that ? His reply was because I have appointment with my Doctor in a year .

 Remember we two days before Valentines be here next year.

 Steve for what it’s worth Rob don’t have ORX in stock but I’m getting one when he gets them in .


PS Thanks for a great forum.

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I had my Deus with me (along with my Nox 800 and GPX) for 4 days of Arizona gold field prospecting. I used the Deus for the final cleanup on two patches. It worked great in the Gold field program and with a tweaked Fast program for discrimination. I used the XY graph for easy iron identification (horizontal line virtually every time). No trouble ground balancing or with hot rocks in either mode. The ORX should be similar. Other gold VLFs have major problems in these areas (from my personal experience). The only problem I had was being terrified to put that $400+ HF coil completely on the ground and whack it against rock formations, boulders, cactus and scrape a scoop against it dozens of times (I only used the bottom of the coil, way too scared to use the top!). I cringed every time it hit something!!!!!! Sticking it in a backpack was a dream, however. 


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