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  1. I also used a bafang bbshd kit, from Luna cycle, on a downhill full suspension frame. When I built it in 2017 the Ebiikes were far and few on the trails, but they seem to have really caught on as they are so fun!!! I also have a fat tire for my wife to use, but it is bouncy and really not enjoyable to ride compared to the downhill mountain bike.
  2. Yep thats the policy in my area. Now if you are deep in the Auburn Rec area away from the public eye, I bet you may spot a sluice and shovel or two.
  3. I had a blackberry thorn do similar but was able to pull it out. Sealed the spot with a wrap of electrical tape was the fix. Have also seen old cables go bad like Aureus wrote above. This was a bad one I had, except it was a brand new coil. Something to watch out for anyway.
  4. Very nice, I like your style, skip the little ones and straight to the heavy slugs! Congrats They do indeed look a lot like ancient river slugs, perhaps from the time of the Biblical flood.
  5. Yes sdc runs quiet and has a stable relaxing and calming thresh hum, but the 6000 will pick targets out of that quiet you never knew about. I loved the sdc for years and was a promoter of it, but once the 6 got strapped with the 5x10 Coiltek, I parted ways with the ol sdc. The 6000 folds down almost as small, better swing balance, and just plain more fun to use.
  6. You can look up the claims here: http://www.mylandmatters.org/Maps/ClaimsNv/GetMap
  7. Well Scott, at least you can be sure no one's highgrading your diggins 😀 Been an ugly winter for sure!
  8. Yep if you like smaller coils, there are some nice options for the 6000 - 5x10 Coiltek and 7x12 NFinder.
  9. Bill thats definitely not my book, I met someone that went to Mexican jail on trumped-up charges, and only by Gods grace did he get out eventually. I believe the guy I heard the story from was referring to $ value. There is always something guarding the gold. Here in Cal Motherload country we deal with meth heads, deep canyons, rattlesnake, mexican cartel grows, though that is not so much anymore thankfully, and the list goes on...
  10. Years ago I ran into a miner up in the Sierras that got to talking. The guy was a very savy miner and spent some winters down in Baja. He and his partner or it was his buddys, dug 1 mill in one season. I asked how they got the pile back home, as thats quite the handful. He said, carefully hidden in the frame of their truck.
  11. Ya I used to really like the old gpx sadie on the 5000. The price was good too, for around $200 back then. Good ol days 🙂 As for sensitivity, I guess we'll have to wait and see...
  12. phrunt, What do you reckon the NF will offer in benefits over the coiltek 5x10? Just going by size, the 5 x10 seems ideal to me with a slightly tighter nose radius for pinpointing into cracks, and a little more sweep coverage with the 10" length. Although I wish the Coiltek wasn't quite so thick. A thinner body would have made it more maneuverable.
  13. I have to agree, it is no joy to swing. You are better off using a 7000 at that point. I used to think, It's too bad they didnt come with a smaller DD, but got to thinking there would be a considerable depth loss in any smaller DD coils. As it is now, the 14 did not appear to be much of a depth seeker considering its size, and smaller coils would really be lacking. Just my theory, could be wrong.
  14. The Goldhawk is a great little coil for creek hunting in bedrock. Nice and maneuverable to get into tight spaces. I usually have to run in difficult soil mode to keep the detector smooth and without falsing in mineralised soils/bedrock.
  15. What about using some faraday fabric tape to cover the control box? I wonder if it would be of any benefit on the 6, or is all the "noise" coming in through the coil.
  16. I thought the guys here were saying a noticeable improvement even with headphone connectivity? I know mine is bad, as headphone or speaker goes wonky when the coil is off angle, or if the detector is set on the ground.
  17. Now that you mention it, probably explains why I had had poor luck selling detectors here in the past. Thanks for the tip!
  18. Our local mountain dwelling tweakers prefer the Rottweilers. As you go up in elevation from the flatlands, the Pit bulls tend to grade into Rotts. Go figure
  19. They may want to make the breather vent a little larger! 😄 Kinda funny, considering Coiltek really went out of their way to hide the vent.
  20. Another technical word that gets thrown around is elluvial . Example- Nuggets found close to their vein source are usually jagged and angular, and are categorized as elluvial gold, or an elluvial placer
  21. Clay, That 100mil win was for for his Consumnes River, Sacramento county operation that got shut down. I remember reading it in our local news. I think on the Placerville Big Cut operation he was only fined a "small" amount in the end. That guy dont have to mine no more!
  22. Equinox 800 is pure joy after using a no disc PI. Set in Park 1 for your big coins and bump the iron disc up a little, and cherry pick away
  23. Sounds just like nugget hunting! Ive also called it the one out of ten rule.
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