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  1. Yep, just crickets from dealers. I would assume temporarily muzzled until the fix is officially out?
  2. I never actually noticed the speaker to be that much more stable than the headphones. As in the headphones dont clear up the emi warbles. I remember early on that JP posted the headphones were more stable, but on my 6k its bad either way. Hope this is the fix...
  3. "Flumes were the artificial water ditches that moved the precious liquid to more useful places; places where water powered nozzles blasted away cliffs of gravel, where water washed through sluice boxes to expose nuggets, or drove the machinery of underground mines and sawmills." Looks like the box side boards rotted away or salvaged at some point. Depending on age that may have not been mining related, hard to say as I dont know the history there. Maybe someone else here knows. Neat history all the same!
  4. Thanks phrunt, That's how I always interpreted audio feedback, like you described. So just wondering what's their definition here.
  5. Thanks for the tips GM! Ive been wanting to file a plan for a long time, but I just hate paperwork and the thought of dealing with the agency people. I need to just go forward in confidence though.
  6. Ya good question. How did you learn the permitting process. From what I heard in California, its one thing to run a dry operation, like scrape and detect, but as soon as water is involved, it gets involved!
  7. Looks good Scott! Think Im going to try making some jam this year. I also saw a ton of elderberries in my area ripening right now.
  8. Same here Jason, I think thats just the nature of the beast?? Here in CA Motherload country, some areas just drive it into fits from some unknown emi. When its running smooth though, its a killer detector for cleaning up on the small bread and butters. No way would I sell, but if Minelab had a fix, it sure would be appreciated!
  9. Interesting, mine goes crazy too, when set on the ground, but I always assumed it was because the coil was no longer being held perfectly level with the ground.
  10. I think the key to the coil is the shape, not a sensitivity gained. The size is ideal for rough bedrock hunting where you can stuff the coil in tight places and bedrock crags. For open field flat topography, it would be a waste of time, as I also dont see it being much more sensitive than the 11, like you mentioned. And honestly would you want a more sensitive detector. We gotta leave the vlfs something to find.
  11. Picks are kinda expendable items if you use em a lot, but you should be able to hammer out that stub or worst case drill it out in pieces. The Link seymore west sledge/maul handles have worked and held up good for me. Just have to size the handle a bit on a belt sander, and use a little 2 part epoxy when driving it in, and you should be good to go. The gorilla glue epoxy is nice, and not so brittle when set.
  12. Good point, even daily changes in atmospheric pressure. Leaving a tape gap at the vent site might be the prudent thing to do it seems.
  13. Hmmm, so it looks like any full wrap taping of the coil cover cuts the venting off. My guess, if your staying at a set elevation it wont matter much?
  14. Red Ink Mine area in Placer county is where the worlds top crystalline gold comes from, sold under Eagles Nest Mine. I would say thats one reason why Placer county Sherrifs were involved there.
  15. Who's not noticing it, the dead? Haha Ya, off axis, or any inclination other than flat, and its definitely a wild song she sings! Looking forward to using the Coilteks if they remedy this, as I really like the 6000 otherwise!
  16. Goldcatcher I would guess, or bet the statement that you get what you pay for applies here. So if you insert the new Garret in the lineup of top gun gold detectors, it fills in a gap somewhere between a 5000 and 6000. I do like the junk iron disc feature on the Garret though. Hope Minelab gets on that with the next one!
  17. The nice thing with Minelab and related coils is they hold their value and are easy to resell. So even if you find emi levels intolerable, the "rental fee" wont be much and you can just re post the coil on the classifieds here.
  18. The manipulation is endless, all day every day, so who really knows where the price is going. Gains in slow increments and lots of sideways movement seems how the money masters like to keep it. Anyway, hope you're on target Aureous.
  19. Something sounds wrong there if its bump falsing. Should be no more bump sensitive than any other minelab. Maybe check if your coil plug is fully seated, as they are a bit hard to tighten. Otherwise send it back. Scott, the 6000 is a pretty sweet machine when running right. Dumped my 7k and no regrets.
  20. Had that speaker box screw also come loose on mine, but its such a easy fix I forgot about it.
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