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Diverting River To Lower Water Level For Gold Prospecting

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Here's a video I made on day 4 of my gold prospecting trip to Wanlockhead, Scotland in March 2016. In this video I show how we have managed to divert the river water away from the hole we're working, which allowed the water level to drop by over 30cm (1ft), allowing us to work the hole a lot easier. especially for my friend who's waders failed so he couldn't stand in very deep water. We went prepared ready to make this diversion as we had a plan of where we were going to work and how to work it and having worked the hole previously, we knew we would need some kind of diversion for the water if we stood any chance of seeing bedrock at the bottom of the hole. Also in the video is a y lovely picker I saw at the top of my gold sluice flare along with pictures of what I picked out of my sluice for the day. I hope you like the video and if you do, please feel free to like, comment and share it, thanks :D

I hope the video displays properly this time, if not, can an admin amend if required

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