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Not Old, Not Prized, Just Interesting

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Hi All,

Had a quick hunt today at an old home site. Currently a grassed park, there was a house on the site in the 1950's. I targeted the area that looked like a couple of clotheslines in the aerial. The aerial isn't of great quality so difficult to confirm. I ended up finding a couple of old lipstick tubes in the area which makes me think there may have been a couple of upturned pockets in the area (i.e. a clothesline or two). Unfortunately no coins or anything else of value...

I'll be heading back there when I have grown my confidence with the machine.

Cheers all




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Home sites can be ok, but I prefer spots where large amounts of people gathered, showgrounds, horse racing tracks, sports grounds,  places with outdoor concerts, old churches... things like that.  It's a numbers game for me... more people = more lost goodies.

Welcome to the hobby and the forum 🙂



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I starting to see your logic phrunt. I'm going to tackle a more populated site to search for jewellery and more valuable items in the near future. There's a beach nearby that gets a lot of people over the summer. I am assuming it gets hammered by detectorists but i'll try my luck.


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 Don’t give up on anyplace until you hunt it .

 If you live in a city that has buses then you want to hunt the bus stops. They can produce more than most think they would.

 You said the house dates back to the 50’s. Then you should find silver there.

 Don’t give up and keep telling yourself that.


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Ridge Runner,

Oh don't worry, I'll be heading back there for sure. I really need to learnt this craft on my Nox to be more confident in what I am digging and leaving. There is a lot of junk around the site and i'd end up looking like pop-eye if I dug it all.

I'm sort of sidetracking here but... Does the TID change for example between an air test at 6 inches and an 6 inches through earth on the same object? I could do this test quite easily but it's dark and cold outside and I want to know now! haha.


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Westy 27

 Yes the ID could change from air test to being in the ground. You really don’t know what’s next to your target and the minerals in the ground could effect your ID .

 Now this is just me ! If I was you I’d dig everything until you really knew your detector. Sometimes that trash can be a treasure .

 Remember if one person has been there they may have lost something .


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8 hours ago, Westy27 said:

I ended up finding a couple of old lipstick tubes in the area which makes me think there may have been a couple of upturned pockets in the area (i.e. a clothesline or two). Unfortunately no coins or anything else of value...

Excellent conclusion.  Two (old) lipstick tubes close to each other is a good indication of a clothesline, although not a guarantee.  I've done well under clotheslines.

Most of my old coin and relic finds have been from parks which were formed in the last 50 years but were homesteads prior to that.  This includes one Mexican War button (mid 1840's), one Civil War button and a CW cartridge box plate.  I've just recently been searching another park which had an 1892 built home torn down in 1969.  Still haven't found the sweet spot on that one but I'm not discouraged.

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No worries strick,

Time behind the detector is going to help me no doubt. 

We have some old parks where I live that i'd like to tackle. The park had buildings on it in the early 1800's. Probably been hammered but i'll give it a go anyway

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All of us get lucky.  Let that be your mantra in this business.  There are more ways to be lucky than unlucky because you can only find what is left!  (You can't say you were unlucky because someone found a ring at your park 5 years ago.)

The research you do gets you out of the house and to a certain location ... even if it is just stopping the car and swinging on open ground.  You have a chance to get lucky.  Now if you process a few clues then it is educated luck.  If you are working on a spill or you have already found a producing area then you are using methodical principles to clean up a location.  This has the least amount of luck.

It was suggested you dig it all.  That can reduce luck also so that you don't say to yourself "It sounded bad but I got lucky and dug it anyway!"

My best trainers have shown me how to be positive and results will follow.


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