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Gerry in Idaho

Epic Day For My Brother, Well Earned Too.

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On 2/24/2020 at 8:21 AM, strick said:

Thats wonderful Gerry...it's amazing that there are still great finds like these to be had...two half dollars and a gold coin in one day...was it a virgin spot? or were you guys just expanding around an old spot you have detected before? After Goldbricks amazing find a few weeks ago I've become optimistic that anything is possible.


We were expanding from the gold camp and he just happened to go down hill and I went up.  Yes, anything is possible.

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That’s a great story and heartwarming also. Congratulations to your brother Gerry and thanks for sharing. :smile:

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Awesome and congrats Gerry to your bro!   With coil size on the EQ I think it does not matter with depth.  I have read a few articles that think that too.  On the beach I have given up using the 15 because I was still finding quarters 18in down with the 11.  I’m not kidding you either.  Much easier and better control with the smalls.

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Wow, what an INCREDIBLE hunt, for your brother, Gerry!

Congrats to him, big time, and it's cool that you were there to experience it!


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    • By mn90403
      I got up early this morning and tried to sneak out to a local beach but I was stopped.  My 2.4 year old son came out and I just couldn't leave.  Most mornings lately we've just headed to the park to feed the squirrels.  He has gotten good at feeding them by hand either a walnut or a peanut.
      Today the tides were right and we were 'marine layered in' with a light mist so it was time to drive to Huntington Beach.  That is about a 40 minute drive in light traffic so off we went.
      This was my second trip with him to this beach since the lockdown was over.  The first time I found just a few coins but less than $1 in change.  This time we went past the little playground and on to the beach.  I let my son determine the direction.  He headed north.  It was a great day for him because it was a large, flat beach at low tide and he could run.  That he did and I was swinging behind him.  We went up into the dry sand and those were my first targets, just a couple of pieces of foil.  After 45 minutes I had nothing!
      We went out on the wet sand and did a little bit of learning of the alphabet.  I got a few letters in and we sang 'ABC' before he was off to the south.

      We were going to go in that direction when he saw a little kid in the distance and off he went back toward 'ABC'.  I lagged behind and saw the other little guy was with his parents but about that moment I heard a little signal near the 'ABC' and I dug it.  It was my first wet sand signal.
      Meanwhile my son had found a play buddy.

      It turned out this little guy was younger but his dad was an older guy like me out with his first and only son.  😀

      They both had a good time for 20 minutes or so before the parents had to go.  This picture looks back towards the south and the Huntington Beach Pier and back to 'ABC' where I found the target.

      As I got back near the location I found it I put it down on the sand and took these two pictures.

      It is just a little cross/crucifix that is 3g and .417/10k.  I didn't find any other wet sand targets.
      Sometimes you have to forget all the knowledge and all the clues and just let someone else lead.  It doesn't have to get any better than this.
    • By Glenn in CO
      What's Your Most Unusual Token Find?
      Recently Calabash had posted a unusual token find for one loaf which I thought was pretty cool token find. Going through some of my token finds from past years I believe this is my most unusual token find to date. The token is from the Delagua Mine which is located in southern Colorado and is good for one cap, 22mm in size and made of brass. The V.A.F. Co. stands for the Victor-American Fuel Company.
      Here is some history on the Delagua Mine:
      Delagua developed around the Delagua bituminous coal mine, opened in 1903 and operated by the Victor American Fuel Company. As of 1922, it was the largest mine in Colorado,and at its peak employed at least 900 men. In October 1917, the Delagua Mine was considered one of the "largest and finest 'mining camps' in the state". By 1916 the saloon and dance hall had been converted into the Delagua Social Club, complete with "three first class pool tables and one billiard table", a soda fountain, , bowling alleys, a stage that featured a motion picture show twice weekly and at least 250 members in 1917. At the Delagua Mine on November 8, 1910, an explosion (loud enough to be heard three miles away in Hastings) killed 76 miners. Safety inspectors later determined that the blast was an explosion of gas and dust, caused by the open flame of a head lamp.

    • By Cowkiller
      I got a equinox 800 last week and my first two hunts i got nothing good. Watched you tube til I found the end of coin shooting. I made adjustments and bam one 1943 mercury dime, some wheats a 1967 peso and a cool brass button that reads California Highway Patrol. The picture I took sucks sorry about that. Whats the best way to clean these guys up? youtube is all over the map....

    • By steveg
      ...a pretty good day by Oklahoma standards! 

      These came from a grassy area between an old hospital, and an old church; my hunting buddies managed some other goodies -- including two Mercs, a couple of IHPs, several wheats, and a Buffalo nickel.

    • By relicmeister
      This weekend I went to a cool new location with multiple late 19th century cellar holes. Was using my Orx with 9” X35 at 17 KHz   
          A few interesting relics found but by far the best find was this 1864 2- cent piece which is in really nice condition with a great patina. Only my second 2- cent but the first was smoked by the fertilizer used in the park it was found in. Could barely identify it. 
          I’ll be going back to the spot multiple times as I haven’t even explored the area yet.  Also found an 1884 IHP
        Figured I’d post as the XP forum has been a little slow of late. 

    • By Dan(NM)
      Finished up my road trip today on a good note. Started the trip up in the Texas panhandle where I did quite well at an old park. Dug lots of silver, wheats, couple of rings and a couple of tokens. I've been doing a little relic hunting in southern New Mexico the last couple of days at a 1850s fort site. Manage to put the coil over three good buttons, some percussion caps, fired mini balls and some buck n ball lead. My detectors of choice were the Minelab CTX 3030 and the Minelab Equinox 800. I used the CTX primarily for coin shooting and the Equinox for relic hunting. Second picture is from hunting in Texas.  I'll be headed back first thing in the morning to Central Texas to unwind and get ready for another work week, thanks for looking.

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