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Trash Among The Treasure :)

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Nice group of jewelry. You can even cash in some of that lead you dug ūüėČ. Apparently a lot of fishing going on there. There is a strange satisfaction that you get from digging everything. I do it because I still can, but eventually age will get me to be my own discriminator. Good hunt.

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Nice haul.  How can you tell that the chain is silver?

Do you remember what TID's the silver came it at?  I'm guessing that the open rings and the spiral ear decoration were below 20....

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5 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

Nice haul.  How can you tell that the chain is silver?

Do you remember what TID's the silver came it at?  I'm guessing that the open rings and the spiral ear decoration were below 20....

Thank you.

The toe ring hit 12-14...the chain and pendant was jumping around 15-19 ...the earring hit ...18

As far as the chain goes, I have a test kit.

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