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For my style of hunting--parks, baseball and football fields--I keep the 15" on 99% of the time. It finds things so small at times that I have issues locating the item even with a pinpointer. It really doesn't go much deeper, but it allows me to vacuum much faster. When I use it along with 7 recovery speed, it picks through targets very well. Would I use it downrange at a trap shooting range? Probably not. 

I have used it at the beach before with mixed results; it found nothing good just like the 11". The negative that I have experienced at the beach is when the coil gets wet and then you start detecting the dry sand. The extra weight of the sand can be a bit much until it dries enough to shed the sand. In addition, the drag in the water makes swinging it for long periods of time a killer to my joy of detecting at the beach. 

Some finds are attached to show what the coil has found in the last year. It is no slouch when it comes to the thin rings.













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I look at the coils as tools .

Each is better at something.

For EX: How many sizes of Vise Grips do you have ?

How many do you NEED ?

Guess that's up to what you want to do.



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I was firmly in the 11" & 6" camp. The 11" just works great for me and the 6" is perfect for geting into tight places and working dense trash areas to pick out the good stuff. I thought the 15" was too big, too heavy, and probably wouldn't separate targets well, or be too noisy in a high target area. Well my kids got me the 15" for Christmas and I took it out to my favorite park today and it was great! I have a counter weighted carbon fiber shaft from SteveG and I just slapped the 15" on and off I went. I thought I'd get tired a few hours in but I didn't and ran it all day (6 hours). It hit targets well, separated well, pinpointed very well and worked as well as my 11" but with more coverage per sweep. I must say I didn't expect to like it, but I do. I'm going to leave it on for few months and see how it does.

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3 hours ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

Well my kids got me the 15" for Christmas and I took it out to my favorite park today and it was great! I have a counter weighted carbon fiber shaft from SteveG and I just slapped the 15" on and off I went.

GOTTA love a gift one can actually use!!!! 

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      This I did and I worked my way into a few coins rather than just trash and by now I had 3 cheap rings which I would have been 'satisfied' with had I gotten back to my car then but it was a great sunset again.  This time I didn't have my phone so no pictures of it.  I worked the high side for a bit with a grid and then I heard a little 1.  When I say 'little' I mean it was not very loud.  It was consistent and I was hopeful.  I don't get many 1's so in my first scoop I could see something sandy hanging from it and it had knots.  It wasn't exactly balled up but I could tell it was a chain and I was hopeful.
      I could see it ... GOLD!

      And when I got it home I was able to measure it.  It is 30 inches (a delicate link) that weighs 8.4 grams.

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      Here it is with the other junk from the hunt.

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