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Don't see any here in the states but looks like MARS has a dual frequency 16/48khz machine. Think it is just a selectable frequency.

Curious if anyone here has tried one and what they sell for etc.


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Hey Kac, spinadiscmetaldetectors.com in the UK is the only place that has them in stock they are roughly $884 US, plus my guess another $50 to $100 for shipping. All of the US dealers don't even list them for sale, Maybe better to call to see if they actually can get it. The current exchange rate is $1.36 to the pound. For that cost it better be more than an average detector. This machine is is interesting to me, I'm going to talk to my friend in the UK and see if he has some insight on the shipping costs.

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      Hello all, 
         I've always had this question in the back of my mind, but it seems to keep cropping up in various forms! So i thought that instead of trying to shoehorn this question into various threads, or categories! I would just ask in the broadest way possible!
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