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Steel Gray And Flat As A Table


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The Gulf settled down after abt a good 3 day blow. Sure enough 3 of us waded out to a to a good ole hole Neptune reopened.  North winds beating the Gulf calm.  ...So we all scored a nice take of Clad and 1 of us snagged a 2021 graduation 10K ring. Good as new.    Tried it again this morning.  .I didn't last 45 minutes.     Water about 60 and wind chill 32, that and no targets , I bailed.     To hunt another day. This is my Tarsacci's 2nd season wading and wet surf hunting.   With out any problems . The Vessel in the picture is the Terrapin Island about 6,000 tons dry. Hauling another load of sand for  replenishing.   Makes about 3 round trips a day.


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Wide open space. I would wander like a goose.

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On 1/22/2022 at 6:37 PM, The_Stalker said:


  Is there any slant to the beach on the wet sand sections?

Stalker, right now the sands in but there are a few holes out waist deep or more.   And even with our 3 millimeter wet suits it can be brutal. Cold.   So the gulf is flat but the temps are in the high 30's to lower 40's. Winds from the North. Sloped Sandy wet shoulders.      When the Gulf picks up depending, we'll get some erosion here and there. With winds from the South, temps can get mid 60's to lower 70's.  Wet sand hunting picks up some and wading (if not too rough).  Every day can be very different.    A challenge. But were hunting.



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