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Gold Prospecting Scotland May 2016 Day 1

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These sluices are made specifically to order by the admin of a UK prospecting forum, he can make them any colour but found blue showed the gold the best.  Yes you can pump unclassified material straight into the sluice if the flow is correct and it will wash any larger stones over the top while any gold material drops into the drop riffles.  I usually still classify my material because I usually can't get set up next to where I'm working but this was a rare opportunity to pump directly into it

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Hey Goldgrabber!

Where in Scotland were you prospecting, near Wanlock? Your voice is very familiar. I think I might have met you a couple of years ago up there! Watching your vid, you might want to dig up the expelled stones and gravels around the head of your sluicebox once in a while. Your pump seems to be losing a bit of material before it reaches the sluicebox, and if there's gold in it, it'll probbaly fall out first.

Same with the tailings. Scoop up and feed them back through the box now and again. Some of those creeks are fast flowing and can wash out the very small gold without you realising it.

Nice vid! I need to get back up there soon.

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