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Deus 6 Pics Fake??

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What does everyone think fake ? Says release Sept 2020.





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Deus V6 ?....yes, it's false information ...

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What is fake false now in 2020 could come true.

 Just take a look at that smart phone you have that was impossible time back .

 If someone can dream it then it can be.


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That website specializes in creating fake information that will draw clicks for ad revenue. They present a lot of good information, but then scatter in made up stuff along the way.

Don't hold your breath.

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...Idea is good...., glas- display,-headset - detector, application, ..."Piochon"   not .. good idea... better idea - ist have pinpointer with TID and gps tracking and writing good finds.... But it's not XP info...:wink:

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On 11/12/2018 at 4:42 PM, Alluminati said:

I can't wait for the wireless rock pick to come out.


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    • By Tnsharpshooter
      This info noted on page 48 in link above not listed in older version Manuals.

    • By Chase Goldman
      After going through the user manual and Gary's video both posted by TNSS (thanks David!) here is my take as an experienced Deus user/instructor but WITHOUT laying my hands on one:
      Basically you have 2 slots occupied by the Deus Gold Field Program (called Gold/Fine Gold) and 2 slots occupied by the Deus Fast program (called Coin Fast/Coin Deep) and 2 open slots. Sensitivity and Disc are fully adjustable 0-99 (IAR is used for the Gold Programs instead of disc). Tones are either Pitch (Gold) or 3-Tones (Coin) with the low tone corresponding to iron, based on the disc setting, and which can be turned either off or on - that's it, no adjusting iron volume level. No full tones, no pitch tone in Coin mode, no 4 or 5 multitones, no audio response, no notches, no silencer, and the mid and high tone breaks are not adjustable. A threshold tone can be set in the Gold modes. Reactivity can be adjusted from 1, 2, 2.5, 3 - which are the only reactivity settings I have used on Deus anyway. For ground settings it is manually or automatically set with ground grab if there is enough mineraluzation, but no tracking mode. You can select a salt range for wet salt or alkaline soil conditions. Fully adjustable coil frequency settings within the capability of the coil you attach to it. No TX power adjustment, No Target ID normalization across frequencies, no apparent target volume modulation with depth, and no depth meter. So that's it. 

      The difference between the two preprogrammed gold programs is the default sensitivity setting, the default frequency setting (31 khz/51 or 74 khz depending on the HF coil you use or 17/25 khz for the x35 coil) and the reactivity setting. The difference between the two preprogrammed coin modes is the default reactivity setting (2.5 for fast, 2 for deep). If you are using the HF coils, both coin modes are set at 14 khz. If you are using the X35 coils, Fast Coin is set at 17 khz and Deep Coin is set at 8 khz.

      Otherwise, it is apparently geared toward the gold seeker with a pair of very simplistic, yet effective coin/relic mode programs thrown in for good measure.
      Complete compatibility with all the new Deus coils and the MI6 pinpointer and App (if it ever gets released) which means all Deus frequencies are available to the ORX user. Simplified Menu navigation and user interface (perhaps too simplified in SOME areas). You get almost the same Gold Field experience as you get with the Deus except no audio response setting and Rx capped at 3 Like the large TID and IRON probability displays when you get a target hit Overall, I like it better than the Deus lite package Made the amazing Deus light-weight, low-profile package even lighter.  Perfect for grab n go and on the go, carry-on travel. Dislikes
      Still priced TOO HIGH for what it is IMO, needs to come down a few hunge and the headphones should just be included at the lower price point.  XP perhaps missed a business opportunity here to partially eat into a crowded mid-range detector market.  Alternatively, they could offer it at the advertised price point but with any two coils.  They could possibly get a lot of existing LF legacy coil Deus users to buy in on that simply so they could get their hands on two of the "new" coils with the ORX stuff as a bonus. The Coin mode is perhaps too simplified with no way to vary Transmit Power Tones - 3 tones are it (with the ability to turn the lower iron tone off or on), No Full Tones, No other multitone options, Cannot adjust the Mid and High tone breaks and no Pitch in coin mode. No Audio Response Setting - Gary noticeably struggled with lack of target audio modulation and had to guess as to target depth.  It must be locked at 5 or 6 which means no change in audio intensity with depth. No overload indicator or depth meter No independent silencer setting adjustment - (I wonder if it tracks with reactivity setting or if it is turned off?) No negative Disc No Notches No ID Normalization Tracking GB would have been nice, but can live with the ground balance scheme provided Would like a few more custom memory slots to enable custom frequency interrogation of targets though it appears you can only step through the modes sequentially by pressing the # button vice the +/- buttons like on the Deus so negative points for a user interface step backwards but with only 6 slots, no biggie. In the end, I think they went slightly too far on the tone simplifications in the Coin modes and there needed to be something (like audio modulation at least) that would give the user SOME idea of depth.  If it had pitch AND full tones in the coin modes (and perhaps priced a little lower) I would probably pick one up for rucksack use when swinging my PI detector in Culpeper or as a grab and go travel machine that I would not freak out too much about if someone decided to lift it (the cool thing about Deus and travel is that you can break it down and separate the parts (coil, control box, headphones, and coil) so if someone lifts a bag, you can still retain some of your investment).
      P.S. - The ORX is compatible with all XP DEUS coil types except the first generation/legacy LF coils.
    • By 1515Art
      It’s been some time with no word from xp after the announcement of a deep seeking cache hunting coil, so I asked nicely what’s up and I’m pleasantly surprised they were kind enough to quickly reply. Apparently there is still hope that someday...

    • By Jeff McClendon
      I have had my XP Deus for almost 2 weeks so assume I know next to nothing in 10 hours of detecting. I have had my Equinox 600 long enough to have hundreds of hours so I know a little. Today I thought I would set up both detectors with small gold jewelry programs. I wasn't expecting anything special. It was 28 F here and I did not want to dig any targets deeper than 4 inches and I went to a public park soccer field that I have never detected before.
      The Deus was set up like this: software V4.1, 9" HF coil, slightly altered by notching GM Power program saved in slot 12, frequency 14,414, disc at 6.1, sensitivity 80, iron vol. 3, reactivity 2, audio response 4, 3 tones, volume 7 on WS5 headphones, GB 87. I had two notches set up. The first was from the 0 to 35. The second was from 62 to 99. So most of the small gold range, small aluminum, beaver tails and nickels were detectable.
      The Equinox 600 was set up like this: firmware updated, 11" coil, Field 1, multi frequency, disc at 0, sensitivity 13, iron bias 0, recovery speed 3, 5 tones, volume 20 on Avantree low latency bluetooth headphones, threshold 9, GB 3, I also had two notches set. The first was from -9 to 0. The second was from 14 to 40. So most of the small gold range, small aluminum, beaver tails and nickels were detectable.
      I detected roughly 1/4 of the soccer field in 1 hour with the Deus and had a really nice, quiet walk. I found two 4" nickels, plenty of small aluminum, and a young person's good quality stainless steel and tungsten ring. Dug 23 targets none over 4" deep. I did not skip any detected targets meaning those that had at least one audible beep. The Deus was a pleasure to use. I was careful to not walk too fast, kept my swings low and smooth, and overlapped swings at a medium speed roughly one complete left and back to the right swing in around 2 seconds
      I detected the exact same area with the Equinox 600. Immediately I began to detect numerous targets. I counted 47 in all at the end of the hunt. It was getting really cold so I dug 15 of the 47. Most were small aluminum can slaw in the less than 1/2" size at 1" to 3" depth. I Also recovered 4 complete beaver tail pull tabs at  3" to 4". I also recovered 1/3 of a crushed aluminum soda can at 2" depth. I used the same swing speed and walking speed as best I could.
      This really surprised me to say the least. I need someone who owns both of these detectors to help me understand why these similar settings (or maybe I am a complete idiot!) resulted in one detector completely missing over 40 targets (I heard absolutely nothing). Obviously I am an XP Deus newbie so this topic is about my ignorance more than anything else I'm sure. I am not trying to engage in an XP Deus vs Equinox 600 discussion. I just need some settings advice. The only person I know with both of these detectors where I live, recently had a heart attack (he's okay) and I don't want to bother him with this. 
      Thanks in advance for anyone that responds to this topic.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Put this together this morning for folks.
      Btw hot program used on Deus version 5.2,TX power remained at level 2.
      Equinox using Park 2sensitivity  24.
    • By calabash digger