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15 Year Old Scores Gold Bracelet With Eq600!


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Nice find for such a young person to find. I bet you were upset that you didn't find it first and spaked the kid for not waiting on you. just kidding.

Good hunting and wish you more luck out there.

Happy New Year.

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Matt, That's a beautiful jewelry save your son made and he should be proud.  What's most amazing to me is your ability to spend time with your son/family while doing the hobby you love.  So many of today's youth are all into computer games and cell phones.  They have lost the desire to go outdoors get exercise and enjoy adventure.  

You are a good man Matt and should be proud of his upbringing and being able to spend time detecting with your son. He's just as rare for wanting to do this hobby so many others laugh at. 

Many laugh at me as well but 45+ yrs of swinging and I'm used to it.

On a side note, I still think the Equinox 600 is best value for a saltwater detector and sell many. 

Again, a beautiful find...in more ways than one. 

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Incredible story and incredible gold. I could just tell how excited your son was showing it to you. Beautiful bracelet.

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11 hours ago, matt said:

Before I could even ask he says loudly "I found something!" He pulls out this solid bracelet and hands it to me. Looking at it I said I think it's gold but without my glasses I can't read the inside. He grabs it and reads Na Hoku 14K.


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Congratulations to your son and to you for being an excellent instructor.

He may need encouragement in the future when he doesn't find gold as easily as it did this time.

But he will ALWAYS have an almost unbelievable story to share with other treasure hunters  👍  and photos to prove it.


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Thanks to all that have replied! Slater has been hunting for a few years now and usually only lasts a couple hours. He found a small "lucky" 925 silver ring last year and wears it all the time. He's been out lots of times and found nothing so it's awesome for him to find the bracelet and especially without help from me. The silver ring is on his little finger in the below picture of him. I'm not the jealous type. I just love treasure hunting with other people whether it's for gold nuggets or jewelry. I'm usually happier for the other person! A few months ago we brought some friends to Maui and they wanted tot detect. My friend found a men's wedding band his very first target, unfortunately it was only tungsten carbide.

Gerry we got a picture of the bracelet just for you!

Good luck to everybody and happy hunting!



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