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It’s sad to say you can’t take it to the bank and expect it to be good anymore.

 Now you would think that you could cash a Post Office money order at the Post Office but may not happen . I had received one and I had go to the Post Office anyway so I took it with me . I ask the guy behind the counter to cash it for me and he said he couldn’t. His reason was he didn’t have enough money in his cash draw. That was the brick wall I came into. I had to deposit with my bank like I’d done in the past .

 The sad thing it makes it to the point until it clears the bank then and only then will I send you the item you paid for .

 I’ve sold detectors to guys over on the west coast that cost more than 2 thousand without trouble. When they told me they had put the check in the mail I done the same on my end .

 They all had posted on one of the forums that we all know.

 I know one day I’ll get the short end of the stick but I keep chap stick handy .

 I just done a deal on the HF Elliptical coil from a guy in Mississippi and if he ever needs a reference I’m the guy.


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PayPal is not as safe as one may be lead to believe.  Buyers have up to six months to file a claim with PayPal to get their money back if they claim something's not right.   I've been a buyer and seller on fleabay since 1996, and have seen people try all kind of nonsense. 

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I “sold” a expensive item on FleaBay and was asked to premail it to a Western Union store for preinspection before their payment was made.  They provided an address.  I sent them a return email saying I just mailed it overnight to a different Western Union in their town - it was actually an address for their police station!  😄. For some reason, I never heard back from them.

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As a lot of you know, I’ve been selling a few detectors on the classifieds here recently. I also have one posted currently here and on craigslist and earlier had it on eBay. So here’s a warning to everyone for the recent types of scams I am getting, people use hooks to get you to respond, get you to trust them by responding nicely, then the scammer asks you to send them an invoice, pays it, but then wants you to ship to them using a address that isn’t paypal verified and with no signature delivery.  Here’s some recent ones I got:

“I saw your ad. I want to buy it. Are you the first owner of it ? I don't check cl mail , so email me at (redacted)”
🤔 Aren’t you using cl email to send this to me?
” please send it to blah blah blah, here is my email address for PayPal invoice blah blah blah“
🤔 this guy is using a company email, I looked up the company and their website is defunct but I found a phone number to call the company and there’s no answer because it’s disconnected, my guess is that someone with stolen ID probably hacked into a dormant company’s domain account and set up a false email account and made a Paypal account with it...
Another hook message on eBay (I took the bait on this one, but then realized it was not real):
“Do you happen to know if this detector is capable of picking up titanium?“
🤔titanium knees or what?
“I lost my wedding ring and my wife is really mad! I don’t know how do use detectors but I have heard this is a good one for titanium, can you help? Money is no problem!”
😔Oh man I’m really sorry, but this GPX5000 detector Is not easy to use and will not be the best one for that, you should get a equinox 600 or 800, or try to contact a local prospecting club - they love to go look for stuff and might even do it for free.
”Good idea thanks!”
a day later, same eBayer
sends a ridiculous offer for a lot over the auction price:
 ”I’ll buy it all for $5000, All of your coils your GPS and your cat (not really the cat) ...”but don’t use signature delivery because I work and I’m not home to sign for it and I live in Gated community and have cameras....”
😏 Sorry, as per eBay buyer seller protection, I’m only sending it signature delivery required to the person with a Paypal verified address.
”OK, I can have someone be there to pick it up, I’ll guarantee that I’ll cover it, I just don’t use signature required delivery...
OK, so if you are selling anything on eBay, they just updated the signature delivery requirement, it is now required to have signature delivery confirmation for items over $750, otherwise they will not protect the seller for non-delivery complaints submitted by buyers. Also as Steve mentioned earlier, never use friends and family to pay someone or sell something using PayPal, you lose the buyer/seller guarantees when you do that. I also look to make sure a buyer and their address is PayPal verified, as with my experience above, scammers try to get you to send them invoices to fraudulent email addresses, they can send the payment from a stolen account,  grab the stuff off the porch you mail it to, and then report it wasn’t delivered and they get their money back along with your item.


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On 8/11/2019 at 7:24 PM, rled2005 said:

*It's an old password that I don't use anymore.

I know It’s a year old post, but just got almost the same email a week ago, another very old password from a store account I was warned about years ago that got hacked.  Offer to send them a new video, they won’t write back. 😉 Just kidding, they are mass mailing people off a list of stolen emails and won’t read replies, in fact the email account it came from may have already been locked down.  Best to ignore them.  And I’m sorry about the bad PO check, thats sad.

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On 2/17/2019 at 10:00 AM, Steve Herschbach said:

And then I have to verify it how? It's a free service I offer and I am doing more than most out there to deter scammers but the bottom line is it is 100% on the purchaser as far as I am concerned. There are very simple ways to protect yourself but people are easily hooked with offers of good deals and common sense goes out the window. I can't be responsible for any of that, and as a free service if I am to be some kind of 24/7 monitoring service..... kiss the Classifieds goodbye.

I appreciate the suggestion, truly, but I think we just had a couple isolated incidents. There were no issues here for years and I am sure this will pass. The scammers do get the message that there are easier forums etc. to go after than mine.

Steve, just want to thank you for the free service and benefit you are providing with this free classified section, well done!

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Scams how to avoid them,

This is my experience in the US, if you are the buyer , ask for :  Their name , cell# landline# payment address, 

I can tell a lot more about  a individual when I speak to them live, if they only want to communicate by text or email that is not a good sign, especially in higher priced items, if they supply you with their cell or landline call it, if it's not a real cell carrier with voicemail, that throws up the first red flag, if you can't leave a message because her voicemail says it's full, that's another red flag that they never answer their voicemail, if it's not a verified us cell provider, it could be a temporary Google cell number or worse, like a virtual #  another red flag, Google the number they provided and see what comes up,

Google their payment address see what appears on Google maps, is it a real house , apartment or business, if it is a virtual business be very careful, in this day and age there are a lot of virtual properties where someone can lease a virtual phone number mailing address or temporary office by the hour, be very careful with these because most likely they're all scams, Google that address for virtual office space, there's a lot of buildings out there people can rent by the month for that purpose that are very impressive be careful, in this new world of smoke and mirrors, all you need is a domain name ,virtual office, and you have a facade,

Next Google the sellers name  and see what comes up, does the individual live at that address, you can also enter in realtor.com, Zillow, in a few others, that will show owners, that will show if it's a vacant property, property listed for sale no one is living out and so on, these are all free databases if you want to take the time to investigate it, most of he ones you pay for will give you better search results, 

If if you're the seller: only accept friends and family PayPal, US postal money orders they are very hard to counterfeit and be cashed instantly at the post office,

Hope that helps


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"If you are the buyer , ask for :  Their name , cell# landline# payment address."

The best advice I have seen for awhile. Old emails not so reliable however if you email them get a reply with a code number you sent them. Big business use that method to  authenticate, confirm, corroborate,  and validate your ID is another way.


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in the uk guys are always being scammed,,they send the money but no goods so only      use paypal   and 4 weeks wait to see it arrives otherwise you are doomed

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Beware the $500 brand new Gold Monster and Equinox 800 ads now appearing in on craigslist in several different cities!  These are often listed with the same cryptic phone number containing alpha and numeric numbers.  It’s a scam to get you to call them so they can get your phone number.

What harm is there in giving someone your number?  People can sell known good phone numbers to telemarketers, but they can also use them for even more nefarious purposes such as getting phone carriers to transfer a good phone number and account to a new phone for their own use, and to obtain two-step verification codes for credit accounts, etc.  So if you are checking ads on craigslist, definitely use their email system and don’t call someone with your number.


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