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Here is a very short video, I don't have much time right now.
But I would make you more videos with all the targets in the wet sand and on the wet sand for see the differences.

I start with the hair pin in ALL METAL.

All ferrous targets are recognizable in ALL METAL mode


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Yup, the same audio tricks that work for all other PI detectors work for the Impulse, and with the same limitations. If I had the inclination to do videos I would put one together showing the good items that can be passed by ignoring double blips, but for properly oriented rings versus hair pins, it does work quite well. When I finally get out again with the AQ I will be ignoring such signals to focus on clean deeper signals. I’m also aware I might be passing on some gold chains, ear rings, pendants, and certain rings on edge, all of which if properly shaped and oriented can cause a double blip signal. But the odds are very much in favor of the hair pin, and as long as rings are truly the main goal, they can be treated as a trash signal. But that is not a 100% thing but instead a calculated risk.

Long story short if you ignore the tones and mute modes the AQ is a very powerful PI detectors, and all the same audio tricks and tells we have used for decades on other PI detectors also apply to the AQ. 

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15 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Yup, the same audio tricks that work for all other PI detectors work for the Impulse, and with the same limitations.

Yes and no, because the faster a PI (Pulse Per Second) the more audio information there is if the detector does not integrate the signal too much.

With the Foster SSV3 at 10,000 PPS it was easier to recognize the pulltab than with any other PI.

You have to be above 4000 PPS to start to recognize the double loop of the Pulltab, and you need a very reactive detector with a weaker integration.

It's funny because we see it with the video editing software, we see the sound signals different from each other.

With a fast PI (weaker integration) /  > 4000 PPS in ALL METAL / AUDIO RESPONSE :



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All this is valid inside the sand and not in the air, nor placed on the sand.

Recognition is optimal when the target is at the limit of depth.

To get there, you just have to lift the serchcoil up to the audio signal loss limit for identify.

When you get used to it during research it goes very quickly.

Google (Android 10.0)

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You are singing to the choir Alexandre and misunderstand if you think I am not aware of and appreciate these things. I’m in full agreement that the AQ is wonderfully descriptive in its all metal response. I am always however keeping in mind two audiences. Those who know PI detectors, and those who do not. Using all metal modes and reading targets for size and shape is not totally unknown even to people who operate VLF detectors in all metal mode. It’s an old PI trick and the AQ may be better at it than most, possibly even the best. But discriminating items by size and shape is not the same thing as standard VLF discrimination. Orientation is key, and for demonstration purposes ideal orientations are always chosen. The method in full time use requires skill and judgement, and at best is always a bit of a gamble. There are valuable items that will deliver similar responses and those items will be missed when relying on these sorts of audio tricks as a discrimination methodology. That is just a fact, an important one, that I refuse to leave out.

You and I are 100% on the same page as regards AQ. The difference is you are presenting the best light only... I will be also be mentioning the caveats. I am a firm believer that the best way to introduce a new detector is with realistic cautions included, because not everyone reading these forums is a knowledgeable and experienced detectorist. They deserve to know both sides of the story, not the best case only, everything is just right narrative.

The reality is many people will never be able to develop these kinds of target reading skills. Perhaps they have poor hearing, or simply no patience. They need or want detectors with a clear tone difference or that ignore trash entirely. PI detecting is a specific skill set, and huge numbers of VLF detectorists try PI detectors and go back to VLF for these very reasons.

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Yes but beware, the IMPULSE AQ is not made for the amateur, it is designed for an experienced prospector, and people who want to find more gold with a more advanced and more complex search mode.

It has never been said otherwise, if you want ease and display of conductivity you will need an equinox or a BBS or a DEUS or others.

But with 60% less sensitivity in the best of cases, on wet sand.
L'impulse AQ is not a coinshooter.

The philosophy is this:

Either you wait after the gold which is inaccessible because too deep comes back to the surface thanks to the sea, at the risk that someone detect before you with a more powerful detector.

Either you decide to spend more time learning, digging etc ... But you find before the others and after the others ...

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Absolutely understood and agree Alexandre! You made this detector for me, and I thank you very much. However, the dealers and marketers that are the ones that will actually be selling the final version of this detector in the long run will not be so up front as you about all this. They want to sell detectors, and will take money from anyone that has it.

There will be those that will say most anything to sell a detector, and some will sum the AQ up by saying it will go deeper then anything else while offering new, state of the art discrimination. Which is not entirely untrue, but is misleading. So while it is true the AQ is made for knowledgeable, serious detectorists, it is inevitably going to be sold to and fall into the hands of those who do not understand it.

My goal is to make sure people do know this is a serious, powerful metal detector that can do great things for those who understand how it works and apply themselves to using it properly. Anyone coming from a PI background I think will be extremely pleased with the AQ. It is the VLF people moving to PI for the first time I am in guard for. Trust me, things have already been said on forums the last couple years that have set the AQ up for unrealistic expectations. See example here.

This forum will the place where people get the full story if they wish, and statements like the one you just made are very important in making sure the AQ gets into the hands of people who will understand it and appreciate it. So again, I thank you! 👍🏼

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2 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Trust me, things have already been said on forums the last couple years that have set the AQ up for unrealistic expectations. See example here.

Steve, you completely misunderstood my posts. You jumped to the conclusion that I was clueless about Pulse Induction and the Impulse. 

I've been casually following the development of the Impulse AQ for many years. It's getting so that in order to post here, a person has to give a long explanation of what they know in order to be understood. Try not reading between the lines so much. I know very well that the Tone ID on the Impulse is very crude compared to a VLF. I also have owned two PI machines and understand the tone quality involved when discerning targets.

I was just trying to understand what these Tone and Mute settings do and how they perform. Maybe I didn't communicate it very well.


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  • Similar Content

    • By schoolofhardNox
      It's been a while since I had a chance to get out with the AQ. Finally, a semi good low tide at a beach where you can walk out a long ways during a good low tide. I've been itching to try the AQ at this beach. I only had about 2 hours of very low tide to work with in the furthest away section, so I concentrated on the lowest areas. I also had my maiden voyage with my new scoop - the XTREME Surf-Master X3 with the carbon fiber handle. On this beach you either have packed rocks, packed shells or that stagnant, clay like, dark sand (smells good too 😂). The scoop had no issues with any of that. I was very impressed on how it handled and how I could bury the large scoop and pry it out of that clay like silt. I will have no issues with this scoop when I start to do some water hunting. 2 hours passes quickly, so no gold for me this time. Most of the other 3 hours was spent waiting for the low tide, so most of the junk came from that period. I was actually shocked at the lack of targets when the tide dropped. I expected many more deep targets, but it was rather quiet the whole time. I may have dug 20 targets in that 2 hour period. A total lack of coins too! Very unusual for me to hunt 5 hours and only get 4 coins. Settings were: All metal, ATS 3, Sensitivity 4+, Delay 7. Got a little bit of deep lead and 2 shot gun shells that could have been gold, but I'm thinking the gold sinks way lower that I am able to get to. Best find was a Buffalo nickel at around 12". Shotgun shells were about  14 - 15". Also found that, what I'm thinking is slag, sounds deep and quiet and fools you into thinking you have a deep, small target. All in all I had a great time trying my new scoop and trying my best guess at deep settings on the AQ.

    • By tvr
      Did the last few hours of daylight on the day of arrival with the Excal to check the beach, got one of the .50 cal shells a .50 cal point, a quarter, dime and penny; the rest of the week was all AQ. Did pretty well identifying iron. Spent nearly the entire time in all metal mode. On the open wet sand, it is easier to identify iron by walking around it and sweeping from all directions; something that is difficult if not impossible to do in the water. There were a few pieces of iron that fooled me. They are in the one picture towards the bottom, near center. Got a new style wedding band, no markings but probably stainless with either abalone or mother of pearl; not sure which. The ring was deep. It was a five scooper and was not in the side of the hole, was at dead center of where the first scoop was. That is what I have been hoping for with the AQ; now I just need to get the right metal. Got a couple of junk earrings that are fairly well encrusted and, unfortunately, stick to a magnet. Got a junk heart ring that looks to be copper, not extremely deep, Excal or CZ would have had no problem hitting that one.

      I did dig somewhere north of 100 bottle caps, did not count them all and threw them away before coming home. The one day that was "extremely deep bottle cap day" I counted 33 bottle caps.

      In front of some hotels when I'm high in the wet sand, near the dry, I would get interference that changing the frequency setting did not help. ATS at 8 or a little higher helps, dropping sensitivity down to 2 with the higher ATS quiets it down. Tried tone and mute modes and they were a little worse than all metal. As I get further from the offending interference, I can take the sensitivity up again. Some hotels gave no problems, some were chatty until adjustments were made. For the week, mostly hunting with sensitivity at 5 or 6, ATS at 5 and delay at 7.5. Interesting that near and under the pier that for years has made other detectors chirp, the AQ is quiet. Must be different kinds of interfering signals that affect the different detectors.

      Now that I’ve had a chance to spend time over open wet sand areas, coil control is important to keep from sounding at swing ends, it is the up and down motion by being sloppy, not the sided to side sweep, that sounds a little on the wet sand. The ergonomics of the AQ are excellent and help in that respect, particularly when I start to get tired and coil control is not as precise as when I’m fresh. I did a bit of calf deep wave wash area (that is where the Pandora bracelet was found) and found the AQ to be pretty quite (delay 7.5, ATS 5, Sensitivity 5, all metal), The wave wash was not too bad of a drag on the big coil, although it was not fast moving waves ... the conditions were being nice to me.

    • By cjc
      Did a quick hunt the other day and dug only coins.  This has to do with the "training" that Canadian coins have given me.  In a way they are a "median" target--part non-ferrous and part steel.  What this means is that they have characteristics of both.  So with a clean processing pulse like the AQ--you have a narrow signal (imagine a tube carrying the response up) with some wide or maybe irregular characteristics.  Point being that they make good "trainers" teaching you to look for even poor examples of a narrow response.  Then when you hear some clean gold...unmistakable.  Foils and tabs will do the same thing but are still not as good of conductors.   If you are in soft material focussing on deep heavy targets this is a very strong tool for ID'ing responses with the AQ.  Very glad that caps sound wide on this machine.  With a pulse that processes at this level the principle of "carry" (see illustration) is even more important.
      With some VLFs--Hieneken caps are similar to Canadian coins--steel--but with lots of aluminum in there too--right on the border--and for this reason a good teaching tool.

    • By PPP
      Hi guys!
      Finally 2021 arrived and we are still waiting for the AQ.It would be nice if someone could confirm if the release date for the final product is still in April as i heared before?
      I found a link for a pre-order of the final unit at a UK website(Joe Allen) but they have removed it.That was a bit strange.Any report on the 8 coil and even price which Joe do right now would be interesting as well.any comments?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      A reference collection of threads about the Fisher Impulse AQ, grouped into rough categories.
      Fisher Impulse AQ Limited Launch & Buyers Disclosure
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    • By CCadrin
      Gold rings number 2 and 3 today with Fisher AQ.
        The smaller ring was down at least 8 inches and the bigger ring was down at least 10 inches. Very faint signals and could have walked right over them. The rings were found in wet sand.
        This was my seventh outing with the new detector.
        Still struggling with some falsing. Any advice would be appreciated. Mostly from a left to right swing. I do take extra precaution to make sure I am not arcing the swing. On a fully charge battery I can run pretty hot and it will be quiet. About an hour into the hunt I need to make adjustment. Today the battery lasted about 2 hour 45 minutes using ALL METAL mode.
        Eventually I was running with a delay of 10 than switched to 11, sensitivity of 8, ATS was either at a 3 or an 8. I also had to lower the threshold to the point of silence. I don't like running it that way but I hit both rings in the position.
        I also hit a couple of deep nickels that were 12 to 14" easily.

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