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Membership Check In Or Be Purged (Completed)

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26 minutes ago, IronDigger said:

Think I am safe, I have two accounts do to I am hatched form a Dino egg  🤔,  not computer literate. If there is anyway to combine Hot Sauce and Irondigger together would be great. I post on both, accessible on cell phone on one account and laptop on another account, with computer going down and losing passwords over the years I have two accounts. 

I'd stick with IronDigger. 

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2 hours ago, rvpopeye said:


I have a forum that suffers this same thing and I was just discussing with my tech wiz how we might address the issue .

Your post is perfect !

Do you mind if I post some of it over there  ?  

Not at all. It just depends on the control you have over the database as to how hard it is. Here, it's do a sort, hit delete, done. It's just really never been an issue for me, but I figure a guy should do some house cleaning at least once a decade. :laugh:

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Yeah It's kinda cluttered here too.  Had another admin that just OK'd all apps  I at least do an isp lookup and check their email provider , still doesn't stop it all though..

I have a purge button here , 2 clicks purge/ confirm !

Handy little bugger !!  Plus I have The Wizard . Coder level. yup yup.  

It's a lot of work , I see how much you have done here ,,,wow my head spins ........thx again ! 


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  • The title was changed to Membership Check In Or Be Purged (Completed)

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