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Garrett Axiom Vs Minelab GPX 6000 On Small Gold

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Lunk & Steve....

I've been wondering the same thing about Nokta coming forward 

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Glad to see you down there in AZ putting some time on the Axiom and getting results better than many and most had expected.  To read that each detector responded on the same exact targets and just as importantly, neither detector found a target the other missed or could not, says volumes of how far Garrett has come along.

Now this part is even more exciting for me and should be for others as well.  I'll use example of the GPZ-700 and the GPX-6000 as I ran both from day 1.  The way I was using those detectors and even to the point of training customers, has evolved.  My operation and settings of those machines today is different than at 1st and who knows, maybe down the road, I find other ways to get more out of the detectors.

The Axiom is so new, many folks are just now getting them and already making finds.  Well 6 months from now, we'll have a better understanding of the detector and even possibly a few tweaks to our Settings.  A year from now, we might even get a bonus software upgrade and down the road, the results will be even better than today.  In the end, we all learn each time we get out and if we pay attention and always try to make our machine and skill better,, then our results will show.

I'm happy to read your knowledge and the time you put it to test both machines at the same day, same site with approx same size coils.  Not many folks have the luxury of owning both detectors.

Well done again Lunk.

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