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Newbie Trying To Get A Metal Detector ( Trying To Avoid A Garrett Vs Other Brands Fight )

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Hello everyone, this is my first post. I've been collecting coins for almost 15 years, and years ago I started rock collecting thanks to my daughter who got me interested. If you put this two ingredients together... I would like to start with metal detecting focus in current and old coins. Going to parks, lakes, old houses, beaches, rivers, you name it... but like I said before, focus mainly in current and old coins to add to my collection!!!)

I've been doing research for which machine to get and I know for newbies like myself this can be overwhelming and tentative (NOX 600/800) because there always going to exist a better machine for a little more money than what you are planning to spend an sometimes discussions in forums can confuse you even more. I'm a very dedicated person I do not mind spend time to get to know a MD cool.gif

Which MT would you recommend me to get to find coins anywhere (not necessarily waterproof but I will need it for shallow water)
under 500$?

... I live in Maryland just as a reference.

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Hi 31-coinshooting, 

Welcome to the forum!

I had to laugh at your thread headline - ( Trying To Avoid A Garrett Vs Other Brands Fight ) - and yet you still came to a metal detecting website for advice  ?

All joking aside, the Nox 600 should do everything you want in the coin/relic side of things and I'm reasonably sure it was around that US $500 mark (sorry, I now see it is US$649).   The bonus of going for the 800 is a couple of different audio abilities it has and the wireless headphones it comes with which are quite good.  And prospecting mode which you might use in the future?   

You may even pick up a used 800 at the price point you are looking at but be very wary of counterfeit units. 

Best of luck with your decision  ?


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If you want a new metal detector and want to stay under $500, the Equinox 800 is out and the 600 is probably out too, although maybe a vendor can make you a special deal if you call them up. I know of one in particular that can definitely get you a discount if you simply ask, although I get the impression most are like that. If you're in the military, Minelab has a 15% discount, I believe. That may be enough to get you the Equinox 600 under $500...maybe.

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One word that stood out in your question was you mentioned beach, that changes things a bit.  You'll have to make sure your choice of detector can handle wet sand.  You're safe with an Equinox but a lot of detectors don't handle wet sand well.

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Steve Herschbach has created a phenomenal section with detector reviews.  Be sure and scroll through it and see if any peak your interest.



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Thanks for the suggestions. I think I need to explain myself a little better. 

First, I'm removing completely the beach from my places to look for coins, I do not know If I need a waterproof MD, since I'm just going to use it in small streams where the water is very shallow, a waterproof coil should do.
Second, I'm not going to spend more than $500 (maybe $550 including the pointer but that is it.) So, I'm definitely not getting the NOX 600 right now.
Third, what do you guys think about the AT PRO, X-TERRA 705, TEKNETICS T2 CLASSIC, White's TREASUREpro, and FISHER F4, which one will you get based on my needs, previously explained?
Finally, anyways after my first MD (still do not know which one) I will save money to eventually get the NOX 800.

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I have an AT Pro and it is tricky to use at the beach, friend has the AT Max and it fairs much better but also tricky. The Nox's do best as far as vlf's in the salt because they are true multi frequency and not single or selectable.

Having a selectable frequency machine that can handle 10khz or less to 20 khz would cover just about any situtuation ie lower frequency for salt, mid frequency general coin and relic and high frequency for gold and jewelry.

There is also thee Nokta Simplex that might be worth looking at for around $300 and supposed to be simple to use. It is pretty new but has the different presets for different hunting and ships with a descent coil.

There seems to be a bit of a price hump between the $500 mark and the next level of machines ie nox 600 and 800 as an example.

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Nokta Simplex sounds like a great detector but it has not been released yet. 

Fisher F44 is in your price range and you could get an F-Pulse pinpointer to go with it. Some vendors like Serious Detecting, Big Boy Hobbies etc. might make you a nice bundle deal. 5 year warranty. Water resistant control box and waterproof coils. This detector is not the deepest but it is an excellent buy and has a large selection of FTP and aftermarket coils to choose from.

Same for the Teknetics T2+ or Teknetics Patriot. 5 year warranty. Very powerful, fast detectors.

The F4 is older tech, just like the X-Terra. The X-Terra is a great detector but has very slow recovery speed/separation.

The Whites Treasure Pro is okay but it also suffers from slow recovery speed and target separation.

You can definitely find an AT Pro in your price range if you bargain with the dealers. Again it is older, somewhat slower tech/recovery speed and separation.

Makro Racer 2 is awesome So is the newer Makro Kruzer. You can probably find one just above your price range.


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As a T2 owner I can say the T2 is very good on coins and jewellery, It has EMI issues but I believe it's' been improved in the newer ones, I don't hear people with the new T2 Classic complaining about EMI near as much as the people with an original T2 like myself.  EMI is also nowhere near as bad as I thought with it either as mine had an issue which has been resolved (loose wire). 

Seeing you're new to detecting I should explain what I mean by the EMI issues I guess.  If the sensitivity is turned up too high you can get false signals and chatter, turning sensivity down and shifting frequencies resolves it.  Newer T2 models have better shielding and digital shielding technology (DST) and aren't as badly effected.  I can find a 11" coin with sensitivity at 60 out of 99 in my soil with the T2 in a high EMI area so you don't need to be too concerned by the EMI problems.

It's the most comfortable detector I own, probably one of the most comfortable detectors ever made.

It's very deep on coins and pretty good target ID's too. 

It's simple to use but you don't need to try run its sensitivity maxed out, it runs better and deeper if you don't but the powers there if you need it for a certain situation.

It works on the beach, especially in dry sand, struggles in wet sand but can be used.

It's very fast, great for getting good targets out of junk, especially with the 5" coil.

The coils are waterproof and it has the pinpoint/ground balance trigger, my favorite thing about it other than the shaft design.

It has nice loud audio, you don't need to wear headphones even in a noisy environment and it's batteries last for weeks.

In the price range it's at it's a great buy.

You may not need to save money to get the Nox 800 like you said, you may find the money, or a ring or two to cover its costs ?


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