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  1. Beauty ring ! Too bad that center stone isn't a diamond....next one fer sure yup yup !
  2. Smart thinkin' . Good hint for us all. Impressive haul , as expected. I actually hit a few stretches of sand myself last week during the 2 nice (above 40f)days we got before the ice curtain dropped back down. ,~9 hours worth ,,, a few pieces of junk and a quarter,,it was clad . So I'm almost caught up with you ! skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh
  3. David Welcome aboard the good ship Golden Discovery ! May you have good luck on yer voyage with us.....Yo Ho ......
  4. Sorry , that beach is screwdriver retrieve only .....skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh You didn't order the giant screen to go with it anyway....
  5. I understand all that technical stuff ,,, my translation of the sales line. Your experience will be gained through osmosis. You merely have to turn it on and bathe in the light of the backlit screen.
  6. That^ should work.. The important part is don't sign anything......skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh I think gold runs from me too ! But just WHERE is it running to? Or is that WHO ?
  7. Guess we know why it's your fave beach !
  8. I like the flowers side more than the turq. Picky picky ! Sweet bracelet !
  9. Welcome aboard the crazy train Frank ....got any questions ? Know the answer to other questions ? Post 'em up. All aboooooaaaaaaard !
  10. You just found a source of spare parts , you already had it !
  11. I'll dive right in on anything electrical , but those chemmies are just as scary to me as electricity is to others...... So I guess they're safe for you as electricity is for me. Good job on cleaning off the specimens....! Maybe I'll give it a try . Now I just need to find something to clean up !
  12. Where did the insides go ? Keep looking. Somewhere nearby there's a very punctual ant hill......
  13. Welcome out from the shadows Michael ! It sounds like you have a nice bit of experience on those Whites. Now that you can , post up some pics of your fave finds and ask/answer anything you have the time for. I'm a little far off but sure know about detecting in frozen country , you can't do it ! Well , I do go check the piles of snow in parking lots as they melt .....?
  14. No place is ever "cleaned out" , you're proving that now so never stop checking. (That would make a good tag (signature) line ...) hmmmmm🤔 If you keep it up , you might check off the rest of the list there !!!?
  15. OF COURSE ! I should have thought of that ! Hmmmm , I wonder if there is a beach somewhere that plays Jimmy Buffet ? You'd think there would be.. Ya know , I did buy a used gig bag to see if my Nox would fit in it....nope , it wasn't for an acoustic... I think I'll try building a custom hard shell case for it . For now , I'm using a backpack. Anyhoo , to get back on the rack track . I saw a guy that had a rack for surf fishing rods on the wall in the back of his truck....little push in clips on a piece of plywood. No idea what the clips are called though ?? I think I remember someone here mentioned them , maybe post #1 on this thread ? LOL best idea , now who's gonna make kac one ?
  16. Tele Strat LesP ,,,,,that's just the back row,,,,, But what kind of solo do you play on that strange looking thing next to the Gretch ?!
  17. Yup yup , sounds like you just need more time with the detector getting to know each other.......Remember , don't expect too much until the third date ! 😄 Keep your coil under control and on target.
  18. Heya Badger Can you post a link to that new maine forum ?
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