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My brother and i got out for some quality detecting time this January and February around Yuma and Quartzsite areas with our 7000s it was my first chance to use it  and i got to say i like it found gold from .06 of a gram  to 6 gram size as deep as 24 inches in all kinds of soil from hot to mild.Second photo is of our best day of 7 nuggets each for a total of 28.5 grams.



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Nice shooting.  :blink:

Too good.  I'd like to get my wife over a few nuggets like that.

Maybe I'll head back to Yuma next week.  I'm getting over the flu now.

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Nice gold, you guys are doing great. I had planned on being a snowbird and doing Arizona in the winter but truth is I am having fun being busy on other things like the forum so need the down time. Still, seeing posts like this make me think again about heading south one of these days. Maybe next winter.

Now go dig more gold!

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