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Aww man,

   I didn't know we were submitting resumes for detector testing today!  Dilek, my dog ate mine!! But i did stay at a Holiday Inn Express! 🤣😂👍👍

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6 hours ago, Nokta Detectors said:

Now you are challenging me:-) Check your email please! 

Ahhh, relief!  I was concerned that with the Apex release imminent, we coin/jewelry/relic detectorists (not counting the GPX 6000 here) wouldn't have anything to speculate on, complain about (well, OK, strike that from the record), create conspiracy theories for, lecture the manufacturers about how they are doing everything wrong, make suggestions they never could have possibly thought of, predicted who the next one would be to bite the dust...; the list goes on and on.  (Note:  I did say 'we'.  😉)

On a less cynical note, I still wonder what Detectival 2020 would have revealed.  Maybe there should be a virtual Detectival this year?

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 Are you trying to rain on my parade? haha

 I’ve used that saying before in the past myself.

 I like the one Spit in one hand and wish in the other  to see what gets full the fastest .

 I guess the last one fits me best .

 If it wasn’t for dreams we’d still be living in caves.


PS Before the white man came to America women done all the work . The men hunted and fished plus didn’t pay any tax . Then here comes the white man and we going to improve things.

 Tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

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On 8/20/2020 at 11:04 PM, Mr Swing king said:

I have loved my simplex, and been using it almost every day since I got it. Also finaly finding gold ( now that I know what I'm watching for. I'll post pictures eventually).

Anyway I was thinking to myself, how could they make a second generation simplex better? I know it's a ways off, but I bet nokta has already been thinking about this. So I wanted to start a thread about features you'd like to see on the next one?

I'll start. When night hunting, the light on the back seems to be either not quite bright enough, or it's at the wrong angle, and can't use it well to dig. No problem, I've got a headlight. 

What if on the next one, they had a sensor that felt the detector be laid down, and switched on a brighter higher angle set of lights to illuminate your digging when in night mode?

Also multi frequency would be killer, even if it had to be a super simple featureless dumbed down machine, at least around here.

Navigation in the menu should be improved. I hope more features will be added in the new generation and switching between features will be more difficult. Too bad for the menu not being able to switch to the previous feature and having to scroll through the entire menu again. There is also same issue at Equinox. Navigation in the menu should be two way. Is it too hard for NokMak engineers ? My proposed design for settings navigation is attached. 

Best regards


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Just make the lower shaft way less flexible/flimsy and I will be very happy. I personally really like the interface as employed in V 2.77/2.78 and all of the great features, so thanks Nokta Makro

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On 8/22/2020 at 12:27 AM, Steve Herschbach said:

If NokMak wants me to put my Equinox down they need to work on adding more tone options, especially multi tone. Keep that true threshold based all metal mode. Add recovery speed, and we probably have a deal.

Are you using an Equinox 800? Is that still the best detector in that price range? 

My simplex just stopped working, I'm thinking of replacing it with an Equinox 800.

I like the simplex, will get the gen 2 if it has simultaneous multi frequency and more tone breaks etc.

I wish detector manufacturers would just put normal Bluetooth transmitters in their detectors so that any headphones or earphones could pair with the detector, but I guess they want to make extra money by only being able to sell their own headphones for the devise.

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I doubt there will be a Simplex 2.

But, the new Multi-Freaker by Nokta/Makro more than likely be an upper end model. I am sure Nokta took in consideration suggestions made by Nokta/Makro owners who bought any of their detector models when designing the new Multi-Freaker.



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And add a dedicated backlight button . On the Simplex you must go into the menu to activate it , too complex...  You must use  a torch to see the buttons when doing the operation by night with the Simplex.  And the most important lighten the coils , the simplex 11 coil is too heavy 480grams ( 430grams for the Equinox 11 coil ... )

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      What a surprise, the Simplex getting better.........Dilek mentions the update at the end of the video
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      I see a lot of comparisons between the Simplex and other mid price/mid level machines out there like the F75, AT Pro, etc. 
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      I’m not a fan of my ACE300. It works. Just tones and buttons, display, not for me. So guessing the AT Pro would not be for me either. I love my F22 however. Guessing a bit different from the F75 but perhaps tones, VDI, etc is similar. I hear good things about how well balanced it is, was a benchmark in its day. I already have a 600 multi and Seahunter pulse and most of my hunting is in midwest parks and homesites so waterproof/salt not necessary. Although weatherproof is nice for rain!
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      Well after over a year since selling my last detector I have re-entered the game again.  I was intrigued by the Nokta Makro Simplex+ so I bit after watching and reading reviews.  I have been a loyal Kellyco customer over the years so I saw they had a package deal with the WHP and PulseDive pin-pointer.  
      I know that’s a Nokta package but Kellyco has always been good to me.  It came today and I got the headphones and pin-pointer wirelessly hooked in and all systems charged.
      My previous systems have been a Garrett ACE 250, XP Deus, Nokta Fors CoRe and now a Simplex+.  
      Looking to get to know this machine in the field.
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      Anyone observed on full charge without use how long it takes the battery to deplete to maybe 1/2 charge?  Wondering the dormant time on the battery and if it should be stored full charge or depleted somewhat?
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