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Some Gold And Tungsten

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Wow, nice rings!!💍💍👍👍

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Cool looking gold ring, that a ruby in it?

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6 hours ago, kac said:

Cool looking gold ring, that a ruby in it?

I haven’t had it checked yet. After this weekend I’ll know better. 

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6 hours ago, Rick N. MI said:

Those Tungsten rings look nice.

Yea sir. That ring is as shiny and clean as they come. The designs are real nice. 

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    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      My first time out in a month, a lot has happened and now I am back to being a fulltime pirate. Water was was warm..70F with the 3mm wetsuit but the winds were up in the Chesapeake Bay this weekend............ Air temps were 54F so the wind chill was bad.
      Four hours hunt time, 7 Silver Washington's, 1 Mercury dime. One 7.49 gram 10k gold Class ring. Silver count is fairly good this year considering it's been a real down year.. (153)
      Next trip out will be with the drysuit.. getting to old for the cold.

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Back out again yesterday, 3 hours. 2 gold bands and 3 silver coins. One of the gold bands is fairly old, guessing from the Hallmark/Fineness mark ... * X * (10k) late 1800's. I went back where I had found the gold Sunday when using the Excalibur but this trip I took the Fisher "AQ" PI. The "AQ" is a killer on deep gold rings. Both rings about 14 inches down, one I said.. this is trash.. signal had a  Faint "Quick" ramp up, down, then quick back up.. semi broken signal.  Like a short bobby pin?.. In all metal. Machine was super silent and smooth the full hunt.. Delay was 10.. Volume just short of full (9) .. sensitivity cranked up (9) ...ATS 4.5 and all metal ..dig all.
      Ring one is 14k 4.28grams, Second older gold is 1.6 grams 10k
      Also remember I have a audio cut off for the volume on the handle, that's the reason the audio can not be heard when I run the coil over the target in the sifter. I can hear it for it so loud it bleeds thru the switch faintly. 
      I love this machine!!

    • By CPT_GhostLight
      I've been so busy that I almost for to post this... a week  or two ago, I took the Nox with my 10x5" coil to an older park in my area which has been there since before WWII. I ran Park 2, 50 tones, FE2=6, Recovery at 6, and was able to run Sensitivity at 21-22. The park was surprisingly clean and most of the targets were fairly deep at 5-8" or so with some deeper. I was hoping to score a silver rosie or maybe a merc but all I was getting was more modern clad and a taunting from a 1965 Washington quarter.
      I moved toward the middle of the park and found a few copper memorial pennies when I hit a real nice sounding target. I thought it might be a wheatie or something but out popped this odd copper looking round thingie. I thought might be an older button as it was pretty heavy for its size. I was later told it is a hem weight. I'm not familiar with those and have no idea of its age.
      I decided to move towards the baseball field which has been there longer than the park has and then it happened. I got a nice high 28 tone at about 4" and the turf gave up a nice Silver ring with stones that I figured were CZs. I tested them when I got home and low and behold they all tested diamond. The ring is stamped 925 Mex and weighs 6.96 grams.
      So I didn't find any silver coins, but that ring will do just fine. 😎

    • By dewcon4414
      Some knows I broke a couple of toes a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday is was attempting to put a TV stand with a very heavy thick glass top on it in a dumpster.   That glass came off…. and dropped straight down on those toes. Man that hurts like heck.   Well I was determined to do a little hunting anyway.   Long slow walk tot the water.  It was really moving pushing me a round.  Managed to check the transition points with some success.  If you get there at low tide you can clearly see what the beach has been doing and where the deep cuts are made.  Wend was out of the SW and pushing the waves.   Good many coins considering the guys hit it last night.  One SS, a silver earring marked Jordan and the small 14k gold 3.9 grams.  After today …. Man I’m taking a few days off again

    • By Compass
      Most of the freshwater lakes that I have detected were man-made during the last 50 years so I have not found many older things in them. Out of thousands of lake coins that I have recovered I may have found a couple of silver Rosies at best. I've always been a bit envious of some of the older lake finds that I've seen on this and other forums. The fresh water seems to preserve them so much better than the toasted ones I've found at the beach.
      Recently, I hunted an older lake and about an hour into the hunt scooped out a 1968 10k class ring. It was in pretty good shape so it was probably there a long time. After finding a blackened silver ring a short time later I got a jumpy "32" reading on the Nox and was expecting another silver ring. However, I saw a large black circle in my basket and was shocked to find  that it was a 1959 Franklin half! Despite the discoloration it is in amazing shape. 
      I have found silver halves in schools, parks, deserts and beaches before but never while wading in a lake so this was a memorable hunt. Gold is what I'm usually after but this find was a pleasant surprise!

    • By King-Of-Bling
      Finally had some fun hunts. 3 straight days , 5 hours each hunt. Winds/surf/tides were in full effect. Hit it while it's occurring guys , not a day or 2 after. Ride the high tide out. Timing is critical as it started to fill in each passing day. The wind was howling so much that I had to turn my ear sideways into the wind to be able to hear. Targets were bleeding/washing out the 1st day , then I had to dig deeper. Oddities : quarters were up high , dimes down low. Jewelry was all low. Nothing in the flats , all on the slope. Over 3 days I only dug 2 pulltabs and NO bottlecaps ! A 1st for me. There was an ungodly amount of tent stakes and iron.
      About 10 rings. 4 pieces have real diamonds. The David Yurman 925 diamond initial pendant goes for $300-350 new. Small silver diamond ring has a TC stamp , don't know if that's for Tiffany. Nice tungsten diamond ring and 10k diamond ring and 18k band. It was nonstop digging. Nice to not walk for miles on end. About $16 in clad. Most of the trash I tossed. GL & HH...

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