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Equinox 800 New/open Box With Warranty

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About 2 months ago, I purchased a Nox 800, brand new / open box, for a little over $700. (about a $200 savings) 

The online seller had 3 or 4 units at that time, and they all sold fast.

Before I purchased it, I emailed the seller, and was told it would have the FULL 3 year warranty.

So i pulled the trigger, and it arrived a few days latter.

Still had the shipping plastic on the keypad, and the screen protectors and cables were unopened.

It looked brand spanking new, minus the open box description.

I immediantly contacted Minelab reguarding a warranty.

Gave them the serial number and registered the warranty

I even called the service center, and was assured, that I had a 3 year warranty.

Its been a great detector, and Ive certainly put it through its paces over the last few months.

It has rewarded me very well, with a large amount of clad, small amount of silver, and 1 gold ring!

Ive followed the same seller since then, and watched them acquire and sell yet another batch of similar nox 800 units (new/open box).

I wonder where or how, they are able to get ahold of these open boxed machines, that have never had the warranty initiated.

Any thoughts?

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Basically a 20% savings, and Id swear it was brand new.

Ive also contacted them again, about the possibility of a Deus 2 open box, and was told they would contact me if and when they ever get some of those models as well. 

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Well some times these sort of things fall off trucks 😏

No worries though, in most states if you have a receipt proving a sale in "good faith", which even online purchases are, you won't have to give it back if anyone claims it unless they buy it from you. Check your local laws.

Welcome to the forum!


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I have sae the same from a dealer online. 

So I called him and he told me the units he has like that were unregistered returns that the customer decided they didn't want. 

So yes it can be a great deal for sure. 

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12 hours ago, Phillips_R said:

Wow,  Detector remorse..    Who'd have thunk it? 

Perhaps their wife controls the check book?

I dont know!

No remorse for me, and saved quite a bit off the price of a new one.

Im hopeing I can purchase a few more models (Deus 2 and future Manticore) the exact same way.

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Everything gets returned and it is one of the retailer's problems.  Just like storage lockers, freight salvage and other inventories.  The most efficient way for these retailers to get rid of it is bulk sale.


Where to Buy Amazon Return Pallets - Search (bing.com)

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It’s also just a way for less scrupulous dealers to circumvent MAP. Get machines, open box, sell at discount that honest dealers can’t advertise at. Same deal happens with “used” detector sales by some dealers.

I used to sell about 500 detectors a year, and my “returned unused for refund” rate was near zero. 

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