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First Gold Of 2018

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1 hour ago, normmcq said:

Not much, but better than skunks! 



Not much what?  It sure looks good to me.  What detector?


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 Not much weight, all ZED

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Pics look great Goldrat, let us know how your gold looks after the sauna.

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1 hour ago, Lunk said:

Pics look great Goldrat, let us know how your gold looks after the sauna.

Thanks Lunk , will do that when gold is out . Thanks also for motivating me to join in forum with pics from you starting this thread 

Cheer mate


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Great stuff there guys..... Congrats....

I haven't been out yet, waiting for the beaches to get prepped from some storms.

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    • By kiwijw
      My 4 x 4 has packed a sad & I have been looking around for  a replacement. So being car less I am dependent on others. Mrs JW had a wedding to video & was going to drop me off at a close local spot & pick me up after her wedding. It meant spending a long day out there at the mercy of the heat, which I wasn't that keen on. With the grass & weed growth being crazy I didn't fancy being stuck out there if things weren't going to well detecting wise. I had phoned Simon on the Saturday but he was already in Queenstown & doing a family thing. He didn't even bring a detector. Shock horror. So Mrs JW & I headed off down country to look at a 4 x 4. I emailed Simon on sunday to see what he was up to & he said he was at lose ends. I asked he would be keen for a detect at a close local spot & maybe when the day heated up too much we could go for a spin in the jet boat. He was keen for both & said he would be here in an hour.
      The time of day he drove through he got caught up in tourist traffic, but he finally arrived & after a quick coffee we headed off. Simon chose to swing his EQ 800 & 6" coil. I stuck with the Zed although I was very tempted to take a high frequency VLF myself. I didn't really know where to go with this crazy grass growth but made a choice thinking it may better suit Simon with his EQ than me with the Zed. We walked to a spot of exposed bedrock that wasn't too bad with this crazy growth. It still looked better suited to Simon's set up than mine. I of course had left my phone on charge back at home.
      I put Simon onto some juicy looking bedrock that he had a better chance of getting his little 6" coil into than I did with the Zed. I wandered off not to far from him. Straight away he was onto signals. Shot gun pellets. His favourite. I got a few junk signals but no pellets at all, which surprised me. I then got a signal that lived on down into some bedrock that I was having to smash out. The deeper I got & the signal was still in there the more confident I was that it was going to be gold as I continued to peel out schist bedrock. Gold it was. I had no camera & Simon wasn't far away so I went to show him. He asked where I found it so I showed him & he took a couple of pics.
      Back filling the hole I carried on scrubbing the bedrock & nothing for over an hour of very careful & slow detecting. I then came back to the spot of my find & continued from it in the other direction. An American couple were walking past & I said hello to them. They said hi back. That is how I knew they were Americans. The guy said to me, Do you find anything worth while? I said Yes. He said, Like what? Gold I said. Really, he replied quite surprised. I said, Yes & I found a piece just there. Pointing to my back filled hole. Would you like to see it? His girlfriend had walked on a bit but then came racing over. So I showed them & they were like....Wow.....cool. Oh well...good luck & off they went. As I turned around to carry on I got a signal in a gutter at the edge of the track. Thinking this was just going to be rubbish I halfheartedly scrapped at it & it was just lose crumbly schist. I was soon down a bit when the signal was out. Thinking nothing of it I waved my magnet through the dirt pile. Nothing leaped up onto it. Still thinking nothing of it I ended up with a dirty rusty looking thing in my hand. Looked like an old boot tack but was not magnetic. Gave it a rub between my fingers & it was still dirty rusty looking. Scratched it with my fingernail & saw the glint of gold. Ha...you beauty. Simon had disappeared so I just put it in my bottle & carried on. 
      Ended up with two more smaller bits before the heat was getting a bit much. I saw Simon walking back up the track towards me. He had been to the creek & had drowned himself in water to cool himself down. I said, Have you had enough? To which he replied, Yes to bloody hot. He asked if I had found any more so I showed him. Unfortunately he had got skunked on the gold but had a field day getting pellets & I never got one. We shot back to my place & hooked up the jet boat to his wagon & took off down to the lake & on down the river. that was a bit of fun.
      My end result was 4 bits for 1.17 grams.
      Good luck out there
    • By cool riverr
      Busting bedrock hasn't panned out that well, so I decided to heed Bill Southern's advice.  I broke down the crust on the first pile, and started swinging the EQX 800.  15 minutes into it, and "bingo", nice little 3.2 grain nug, all rough and course like it hasn't traveled far?  "This is going to be an EZ day" I'm pretty sure ran through my mind, since there were plenty of tailings' around?  I guess the penny is somebody's idea of a "cruel joke"?  At least it was shallow.

    • By phoenix
      Because of heat waves, vehicle trouble and well, almost a complete lack of motivation, I have done very little detecting this year.
      In the early days of the 5000 I got the bigger speci at Moliagul and it`s got about half a gram of gold in it.    Since then I have gone over and over and over that area with the 5000, 2300 and 7000 for no result. Yesterday I was out there again and about 15 feet from the first specimen, I got the smaller one with the 7000. Very faint signal that just broke the threshold and about 6" deep.
      The bottom picture is the only bit of gold visible in it and is almost impossible to see with the naked eye, but the signal it`s giving off says there`s maybe a half a gram to a gram of gold in it. Once the better half has seen it I`m going to bust it open to see what`s inside but I think with this one I`m going to end up with a heap of small bits of quartz with a little bit of gold in them.    Dave

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Headed out to a local spot for a quick detect on Sunday afternoon to kill a few hours. I just still cant believe how crazy the grass & weed growth has been this summer. It has made detecting very difficult. How am I supposed to get the Zeds coil in among all this in the old timers workings?

      Usually they are bald, barren open rocky areas. Making for easy coil to ground detecting. Not this summer....anywhere.

      The below pic is how it was last year, Same bit of ground as the above pic. Slightly different angle. So much more open. 
      So naturally I struggled among the strong stalks as they just didn't cave in with the coil sweeping through them. I couldn't get a clean even sweep or get the coil on the ground. Things weren't looking good, and it was hot and I was getting a bit frazzled by it all. I just couldn't find a spot that was going to give me a break.  So I just hunted for any small open bits of ground. Came across a small run of exposed schist bedrock that I was able to run the detector down its edge where it dived off into deeper ground. Hoping for a deeper signal on that edge. Well I got a faint signal. Dug down on it.

      The signal lived on down but it didn't have that definite gold signature to it And the ground was very loamy with no gravely wash type material. So I wasn't holding my breath. I then hit the bedrock and it didn't look promising.

      But the signal was still down there.  I then ended up breaking into the schist & pulling out slabs of it as you will see in the above pic. The signal moved.

      Waved the magnet through the dirt & bottom of the dig. Signal still down there. So it wasn't iron. Got it in the scoop. And.......

      Ye Ha

      That was the only piece though. I spent another couple of hours searching out & trying other areas but the growth was just too much. It beat me. So I called it quits. Happy to get what I did. 👍

      Good luck out there
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys. Last Sunday Simon & I went back to his Mr Pocket spot. Simon was fizzing to get back there. Unfortunately for Simon he came up goldless. He was getting a hard time with EMI on his 4500 from nearby power lines. The week before he was all good but not today. So he used his Gold Bug Pro. Of course that loved the shotgun pellets so he got his share of those. Poor bugger. Later in the day the EMI backed off & he was back on his 4500. But still no joy on the gold.
      We had a dusting of snow on the hills during the week. But it didnt last long as we are still having hot days. Even though it is officially the start of autumn, fall, for you guys. As we headed to Mr Pocket so I was surprised to still see snow in the deeper parts up on the tops. The weekend before there was nothing.

      I carried on detecting the schist bedrock & over all the lichen that was covering most of the bedrock to see if I could snag anything hidden beneath the lichen in a crack or crevice.
      Got a few pellets initially but I kept on checking all signals. Another signal came along. 

        Bit of a scrape until the signal had moved. Then a gentle blow & bingo...

      Just along from that scrape, another signal. Same deal as above.

      Another gentle blow....and piece number two.

      I then headed up to the bedrock where the week before I had got a few bits & where I had turned over that slab of schist that was hidden on the actual bedrock by the lichen. There were a few signals I got that I did end up ignoring as it appeared to just be a shotgun pellet graveyard. Due to the heat I just couldn't be bothered digging another bloody pellet. As happens, my conscience got the better of me so I headed up there before it got too hot again & decided to dig them.
      Note the turned over slab of schist from the weekend before.

      First signal scraped down on.

      Well...bugger me...It was gold.

      But the rest were pellets.
      I moved over to where Simon had first started the weekend before on some old timer throw out heaps. I got nothing on those so I dropped down to the base of them where there was exposed rotten schist bedrock, & where I had got quite a few bits back in my GP 3000 days. I was on a bit of a drop off point of the bedrock where it went into a bit deeper ground.

      The grass made it quite difficult but I thought I got a very faint blemish in the threshold. More of an imagined signal. I had nothing to lose so I scraped at it. I was straight on the bedrock & there did seem to be something there. So I hacked at the bedrock peeling out the rotten schist. Signal improved but still real faint. So either real small or still deeper into the bedrock. Smashing & hacking at the bedrock, peeling more out the signal was still in there. I couldn't believe the signal was still in the bedrock but was absolutely positive now that it was going to be gold. But how big. As usual the Zed always gives the impression it sounds & behaves like it is going to be a reasonable bit. Only to reveal a much smaller bit. This time be any different?

        No...but it was a quite solid bit.

      The day really heated up so I made a short trip down to the creek & the shade of the willow trees. Got myself a drink & boy...was the water cold from that snow melt. Ice cream headache stuff. But very refreshing when I threw some over my head & face. That rejuvenated me. So I headed back up & carried on. Long story short. I just managed one more small bit for the day. Simon & I headed further up . But no joy. So we called an end to what turned out a hot day. KFC on the way home. 👍

      So 5 small bits again from Mr Pocket area for .6 of a gram.
      Good luck out there
    • By phrunt
      KiwiJW was keen to go for a prospecting trip yesterday which I was excited about, last time we went out I found a 0.62-gram piece which is certainly one of my bigger ones.  We tend to have a lot smaller gold than the Aussie’s which makes hunting for gold quite the challenge when the average size found is probably within the 0.0X grams range.
      I couldn’t imagine hunting for gold when the average size piece is in the 0.5+ gram range or larger, I often get those big booming signals and as I get tired later in the day or on a hot day when I can’t be bothered just walk past them as they’ve been almost always 22 shells, but this day was different, even though I’d forgotten my lucky hat.
      We first went to an entirely new location for me which was a nice lake with old workings at it, I first had some trouble getting a ground balance with my GPX 4500 here, it took me quite a while to work out what to do, I was considering just putting it down and using my GM1000 but seeing I only had the 5” coil with me it didn’t seem optimal in such a big area.  In the end I just changed out of sensitive extra which I’ve stuck in since I got my GPX and went into normal, I haven’t needed to do this before but there was no way I was going to get a ground balance in this soil, it was near white soil with lots of nice gravels and quartz in it and looked very promising.   It’s lucky I had my little GPX timings chart with me that Steve had made up, it helped a lot in this situation.
      Steve's awesome GPX timing Charts
      There were lots of dig holes around from somebody in the area and the person who did them was annoying as a lot of them already had a signal in them which I re-dug only to find a bit of junk so I suspect the person was throwing the junk back into their holes. 
      JW was off in the distance detecting the bedrock which goes down into the lake, this is normally covered in water but on this day due to lack of rain I guess the water level was low exposing this bedrock.
      No luck was had at this location so we decided it was time for a fuel up at KFC before heading to a spot I call old faithful. JW shouted lunch and we had our usual feast, it’s a tasty treat, then we were all charged up and ready to go.  Old faithful is one of the first places I’d been to and we regularly end up here but it’s usually productive for us, JW does particularly well here and it was home to my old gold miners silver ring I found some time ago.  I switched back to sensitive extra timings here.
      Once at old faithful we did something different and detected right at the entrance, an area we have walked/rode on the E-bike’s past so many times but I’d never detected before.  We split off in directions and starting going for it.   JW was quick to find a bit to keep me motivated and it was insanely small, I can’t believe he can find bits this small with his GPZ but he does, and he does regularly, it’s no fluke.  I will leave the story on his bits to him as it’s pretty amazing. 
      I said to him, "oh that bit’s so small, there is no way I’d be able to get that with this detector" (GPX) so he waved it over my coil and what do you know, a signal, waved it deeper, a signal again, waved it at the depth he found it with the GPZ, and again an obvious signal! What is going on I was wondering, then I realised exactly what it is, I’d modified my settings and threshold due to the wonderful post Northeast did about thresholds on the GPX.
      He explained to me how to adjust my threshold, the thread also talked about volume levels which I also took note of and adjusted.  I was incorrectly running my threshold very high, and also had my GPX volume level very high and then going into my booster and the cranked up high again.  I gave JW my gold bottle to store his bit in as he’d forgotten his as he was likely to need it more than me.

      The grass growth was pretty insane, it's normally a dry desolate place, this year has been different.

      Fortunately this time the grass was easier to push over than last time so we were able to swing crushing the grass down
      What I was doing now is turning my threshold right down so it was silent, then I turned up my threshold so it was just audible and stable and left it there.  As for my volume I had the volume turned down very low on the GPX itself, and used the Steelphase SP01 enhancer to control my volume, I had it turned up to a comfortable loudness on that which gave me nice clear crisp audio, I had it in my preferred setting of Filter 2 using its pseudo stereo mode wired to 2 x GME SPK08 speakers wired in stereo.
      This location is known for it’s pellets and using a HF VLF like my GM1000 is just a nightmare here as you will spend your time digging pellets, 20 or more pellets is not usual but this is where the magic happened, my GPX was now doing as well on pellets as my GM1000, it was detecting pellets everywhere, even quite well buried ones, this new volume/threshold settings combination was opening up a new world of small targets I was missing.  I normally got six or so pellets a day with the GPX here, now I was finding them constantly.  It felt like these new GPX settings combined with the Steelphase SP01 enhancer and the Nugget Finder 14x9 EVO coil had just majorly enhanced the sensitivity of my GPX to small gold.  Thanks Northeast!!  I didn’t mind at all spending my day digging pellets as I was hoping it meant I’d find a small bit of gold that this spot is known for and JW had already just found, a real confidence booster for me.
      Shortly after something else unusual happened, a guy walked up and surprised me out of nowhere.  He was carrying a Makro Gold Kruzer he’d bought three days earlier and was a newbie at detecting but had done a lot of sluicing in the past.  He was keen for any tips I could give him so I gave him a few good tips on where to look but warned him that thing is going to eat pellets all day long, he walked off all excited about the prospect of finding gold as I told him JW over there has found a piece already and we’ve only been here 30 minutes or so.  It is so rare we stumble across another detectorist, we’re more likely to find a gram+ piece of gold than see another detectorist 😊
      I kept wandering around digging up pellets and small shards of metal excited knowing I’m really gelling with my detector on this day hoping a little bit of colour was on its way and then I stumbled into an area I will now call Mr Pocket 😊
      I had a big loud signal, I assumed it was going to be a 22 shell as I’d just dug a few of them in the same little area of about 4m x 4m but this time it was different, it was gold! I walked over to JW and said I’m going to need to share the bottle 😊 he was excited for me and I showed him my bit which I described as almost needing a wheelbarrow to get it over to him and we dropped it into the bottle and back I went to my spot.  It was the most unlikely of spot, no bedrock, no signs of any gold workings, just a grassy area near the creek side within about a meter or so of the dirt road.


      0.294 grams, not too bad, It looks bigger than it weighs for some reason, it's a lumpy one.
      This was quite a big piece for this location and seeing it was such a loud booming signal I kept digging booming signals in this little area and out popped another big one! I took it over to John to put in the bottle and said I’m onto something down here, and so Mr Pocket was born.  He now passed me the jar and said looks like you’ll be needing to hold onto this 😊

      It was almost down the depth of my scoop but was a loud booming signal.

      My first ever nugget over a gram! A rare find.
      I went back to my spot and the next thing to pop up was another bit of gold, this time not so big and more in line with our usual gold sizes around here but still, small for me with my GPX and down about 3 inches.  Pretty impressive and thanks to my new settings.


      This little guy wasn't particularly deep, 2 to 3 inches I'd guess.  But it sure is tiny for the GPX and it was such a nice stand out signal.

      I now felt I’d gone over this little 4m x 4m patch to my ability level so I called JW over to see if he could get any more out of it with his Zed and GB2.  I didn’t have a HF VLF with me so I was hoping he’d end up finding some gold the GPX missed with his two high powered weapons.  I showed him my spot and took off looking for a new spot.  Shortly after “new guy” walked up again, he’d been detecting about 30 minutes’ walk further along the roadside with his Gold Kruzer and had only found what looked to be 4 old rusty nails and a 22 shell.  I thought something is wrong here, a 61khz detector and no shotgun pellets in a place riddled with them.   I scattered a few pellets Id found on the exposed bedrock and asked him to wave over them, nothing at all even touching them.  I dropped my gold bottle on the ground and asked him to wave it over it, nothing, absolutely nothing unless he virtually touched the jar and then it did a threshold change.  Something isn’t right here. 
      I’d never seen a Kruzer before but helped him out with his settings on it and then got him to re-test over the bottle, this bottle had a piece over a gram it in, this thing should be screaming on it, and now it was working and picking up the gold at some depth.  His gain, discrimination and mode were now adjusted.  I still don’t know if it has the right settings but I told him he should be reading the manual.  It was now picking up pellets too but not to a level I’d consider good.  He said it was a choice between the Kruzer and GM1000 but he picked the Kruzer.   He was disappointed he wasted the afternoon with the wrong settings so even If he passed a 1 gram bit of gold he would of missed it ☹ This is where the simplicity of the Gold Monster shines, if he had of bought that, he would have been fine right off the start line.  He was appreciative of the help and we parted ways.   This made me think back to how lucky I was I had KiwiJW and this forum to help me out with my prospecting or I'd be in the position of this poor guy trying to work it all out alone.
      I went down to check how well JW did in Mr Pocket but it seems I’d cleaned it out, he got no more gold, reassuring in a way but also disappointing as I was hoping JW would get some out of it.
      I will leave it to JW to tell his side of the day, all I will say is him and his ability to operate his GPZ is a shock to me.  Here is a majority of the junk from the day, I'd lost a few pellets out of my pocket and I'd dumped a few on the ground for the new guy to test his detector on but I sure got a lot of small junk showing just how sensitive the GPX was.  I was regularly finding shards of metal even smaller than pellets.  The Minelab GPX 4500 with the 14x9 Nugget Finder EVO combined with the audio provided by the Steelphase SP01 Audio Enhancer is a deadly combination, I've never used a SDC2300 but it has to be getting up there to it's small metal finding ability because I know it's getting pretty close to that of my Gold Monster 1000.

      It was now time to head off, another great day prospecting and now my confidence is on a high.  I enjoyed going back to Johns house afterwards for a coffee and showing off my gold finds to Mrs JW,. Thanks for another good day John.
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